Q&A with Ryder Carroll for Part I of The Bullet Journal Method Book Club

Hello Sunshine!

Surprise! We are SUPER excited to share that Ryder Carroll, author of The Bullet Journal Method, has answered some of our wonderful book club’s questions for Part I in this lovely Q&A video!


Part I Recap:

Here are links to the articles for all of the discussions in Part I.

0. Announcing The Bullet Journal Method Book Club
1. I - The Preparation: 1-2
2. Introduction: 3-14
3. The Promise: 15-22
4. The Guide: 23-25
5. The Why: 26-33
6. Decluttering your Mind: 34-41 | Mental Inventory Worksheet
7. Notebooks: 42-46
8. Handwriting: 47-50

The Questions:

  1. katie.g.g: What do you wish people knew about Bullet Journaling?

  2. Rebecca: Do I need to follow the directions to a T?

  3. mrs.always_plan: Would like to have a discussion about what you mean by, “Bullet Journal puts you at the helm, you’ll learn how to stop reacting and start responding.”

  4. mutant_bujo: Struggling with the Mental Inventory, paralyzed.

  5. Ann: While doing the Mental Inventory, I found it really helpful and want to do it again and want to know how often should you be doing a Mental Inventory?

  6. lalunechacha: What if I’m getting overwhelmed with the Mental Inventory?

The Answers:

Special thank you to Ryder Carroll for answering some questions!


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