Week 9: Part II: The System (The Bullet Journal Method Book Club)

Hello Sunshine!

How exciting is this?! The start of a new month AND a new part! We have a few surprises for the start of the second part of the book :)


This week’s behind the scenes:

I took the photo and wrote out the title on the image this week.

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The System

Pages 51 - 57

Welcome to Week 9 of The Bullet Journal Method Book Club! Not only are we heading into a new month, but we are also heading into Part II of The Bullet Journal Method! How exciting is that?! Thank you to everyone who's joined along, we hope you've been enjoying it!

We're also excited to introduce a new co-host, Donna @blushnblue! She's an incredibly thoughtful and encouraging book club member and we're delighted to have her co-host :)

For this week's discussion, Donna suggests paying attention to the portion where Ryder mentions that the Bullet Journal was born from one workable piece at a time. As we know some get overwhelmed by the Bullet Journal. Ryder also mentions how we should hold each component to the light, examine it and ask yourself: Would this help me? Only implement what makes sense.

We encourage you to review pages 56-57 and reflect on each building block of the Bullet Journal and see what jumps out at you. Share in the comments what component speaks to you, what you have questions about, or what you are overwhelmed by.

Your thoughts:

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