Week 8: Handwriting (The Bullet Journal Method Book Club)

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For this week, when sharing the summary, I decided to add the book number pages much like Ryder shared in his article, The Book Log. Where (#,#,#) the first # represents the page number, the second # is for the paragraph, and the last # is for the line of that paragraph.


This week’s behind the scenes:

Photo by me. Week’s title written by Dee.



Pages 47 - 50

Welcome to Week 8 of The Bullet Journal Method Book Club! This week's topic is about Handwriting. Several points were made throughout the chapter about the positive effects of handwriting, which Ryder supports with research. Below are some key points from this chapter:

A - "When we put pen to paper, we're not just turning on the lights; we're also turning up the heat. Writing by hand helps us think and feel simultaneously." (48,2,1)

B - "When we write by hand, we're forced to be more economical and strategic with our use of language, crafting notes in our own words. To do that, we have to listen more closely, think about the information, and essentially distill others' words and thoughts through our own neurological filtration system and onto the page." (48,4,2)

C - "...Writing by hand enhances the way we engage with information, strengthening our associative thinking. It allows us to form new connections that can yield unconventional solutions and insights." (48,5,2)

D - "How we synthesize our experiences shapes the way we perceive and interact with the world." (49,1,1)

E - "Toward our latter days, writing can help preserve our most cherished memories. Studies suggest that the act of writing keeps our minds sharper for longer." (49,2,1)

F - "When we take shortcuts, we forfeit opportunities to slow down and think...True efficiency is not about speed; it's about spending time with what truly matters (49,3,3)

This week’s discussion points:

  • Choose one or more of the points above, and reflect on what it means to you.

  • How convinced are you about the overall effects of handwriting (i.e. increase in remembering and slowing down) through your personal experiences (and not just related to Bullet Journaling)?

The numbers above represent (page number, paragraph number of that page, line number of that paragraph). Read more about this technique in Ryder's recent article about The Book Log in the Bullet Journal blog.

- Kim & Dee

Your thoughts:

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