Free Bullet Journal Reference Guide

Hello lovelies!

Today I have a special treat for you. For a while now I've thought about creating a one page reference guide on Bullet Journaling for you all to have as a little visual aid when explaining the system to a friend, co-worker, family member, etc. 

This will be a handy resource for if you're ever in a situation where you want to share all about what a Bullet Journal is starting from know, if you can't show them the video or website right then and there. 

I reviewed all the sources I usually review to make sure I'm catching all the little things Ryder wants you to know about the Bullet Journal system and synthesized it down as much as I could. I rewatched the video, reread the Getting Started guide on the Bullet Journal site, reread the guide in the Bullet Journal notebook, looked at the infographic I made, skimmed through the article I wrote, peered at my article notes, reviewed previous design mock-ups of the reference guide and outlined them all to bring you what I think is a pretty good one page wonder in terms of Bullet Journaling. I added a bunch of pro tips that I've picked up and learned along the way. I redid the reference guide about a dozen or so times and did it all by hand. It was truly a labor of love and I sincerely hope you find it useful. Of course, all the credit to Ryder for creating the wonderful system in the first place. I love that he provides so much content so freely so this printable is my contribution to supporting that vision :)

I wanted to add a lot more but I couldn't fit it all in so I decided to go with the most basic, simple, useful, and straightforward stuff I could think of. My hope is that you'll download and print out a few of these and tuck them in your Bullet Journal and when someone asks you what you're writing in and you respond, "it's a Bullet Journal" and they ask you what that is you can whip out one of these quick reference guides and walk them through the various components.


Bullet Journal 

Reference  Guide


Wow! I am super pleased to hear that you guys love the printable :) I've had quite a few offers to translate to other languages - how awesome is that?! I would LOVE to share your translations with others! Contribute a translation here

Update 2:

These guides have been such a huge hit that Ryder Carroll (the inventor the Bullet Journal!!!) has added them to the official Bullet Journal website! How amazing is that?! It's all thanks to your support :) Thank you, and thank you Ryder for adding them to the official website to reach the most amount of people! I'm over the moon about this! Over a dozen languages and counting have been contributed by wonderful Bullet Journalists around the world!

Update 3: 

It's been just about a year since I first shared this free Bullet Journal Reference Guide, and it's been so humbling to see it take off as it has! We now have over 20 translations of the guide and I'm overwhelmed with gratitude for your kindness and support! To make it easy to see them all in one place, I've added them to the freshly created password-protected Sunshine Library, which you can gain access to by subscribing to the Sunny Newsletter.

How to download the Bullet Journal Reference Guide:

1. Sign up to the Sunny Newsletter & confirm your subscription.

2. You'll receive a welcome email. Open the welcome email.

3. At the bottom of the welcome email you'll find a password.

4. Plug the password into the Sunshine Library

5. Download the FREE Bullet Journal Reference Guide in the language of your choice!

A funny dream of mine is for everyone who reads this to print out a bunch of these and scatter them around wherever you live such as your workspace, school bulletin boards, books in bookstores, and other neat places such as coffee shops so that others may find their way to the Bullet Journal and find as much joy in it as we do. Wouldn't that be lovely? I also worry about the possible litter that may be invoked granting this wish hehe. Ah well, a gal can dream.

Please let me know if you found this Bullet Journal quick reference guide helpful :) 

Enjoy and share to whoever you think may find it useful! 

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