Planning and the False Sense of Accomplishment


What is a false sense of accomplishment?

A false sense of accomplishment is when we spend a good chunk of time planning and then feel 'accomplished' because of the effort that it took to plan. We think that we've been productive when in reality we've only put a plan together.

It's not enough to plan, we must also follow through with the plan and get things done.

However, life happens and sometimes that plan needs to be re-evaluated and re-worked and that's okay!

The point is to not fall prey to this by spending too much of your time coming up with layouts and putting together plans without taking any action on them. Get a real sense of accomplishment by actually doing the tasks.

Planning can help by setting forth a guideline of what we want to accomplish and once it has been worked out, we can get to work. The best way to get things done is by breaking them down and readjusting the plan as often as needed. Just don't spend more time reworking your plan than actually participating in your tasks. If you're having difficulty getting started, pick one and start a timer. When that timer starts, so must your concentration while 'on the clock.' 

I have found that sometimes it's helpful to make a plan for the day the night before so that when you wake up you're ready to go. You don't fall into that trap of feeling like you've done something only by having planned. Sometimes it does help to make a plan first thing to gauge how much time you actually have to get certain things done. This will help you prepare for the day ahead with only a modest amount of tasks. At the end of the day it's about feeling that true sense of, "hey, I feel a great sense of accomplishment because I got things done." 

It's not enough to plan, but to follow through and take action as well. 

Do you ever experience a false sense of accomplishment?

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