Week 1: The Preparation (The Bullet Journal Method Book Club)

Hello Sunshine!

A little while ago I held a poll in The Bullet Journal Method Book Club asking if there’s any interest in weekly blog posts for the weekly discussion. The resounding answer was yes, so here we are.

I’ve considered whether to create a separate website or separate blog within my website for the book club blog posts, but then decided to keep it all here. The reason for this is because 1. This is year-long project and 2. I figure that anyone who visits my website would be interested in discussing anything Bullet Journal-related anyway. Plus all of this is directed to both new Bullet Journalists and seasoned Bullet Journalists alike, so you can enjoy and even join the discussion even if you aren’t part of the book club or haven’t been able to participate before, you can now discuss in the comments here as well :) You’re welcome to join along for all the parts that interest you. Thanks again to everyone for their interest and for those who have been active participants. A warm welcome to everyone who just arrived as well!

I’ll do my best to catch up and post all of the weekly discussions so far and then keep up from there on out.

Reasons this weekly series is valuable:

  • It’s a centralized location for everything happening in the book club.

  • It’ll have a recap of the chapter.

  • It’ll have additional tips.

  • It’ll be an easy way to find additional resources for each section such as worksheets.

  • You’ll be able to participate in the comments if you haven’t been able to or aren’t interested in doing so across the social media platforms.

  • It’ll highlight the co-hosts and guest hosts who have shown interest in leading the discussion.

  • It’ll highlight interesting thoughts from book club members across the various social media platforms (this part will likely be added in at the end of each week, check back on the posts to see what fresh insights have been shared).

  • We can share giveaways more easily through the blog posts.

  • We can share Q&A videos in the blog posts.

  • It’ll be an easy way to reference various parts of Bullet Journaling later on down the road whenever you need a refresher or want to recommend it to someone who’s struggling.

  • We’ll be able to share where in-person book club meetings will be held for that week’s discussion (We’re still in the process of figuring this part out)

  • And more!

Before we begin discussing the first topic, I want to share some resources with you.

The Bullet Journal Method Book Club Page.

  • Click here for The Bullet Journal Method Book Club page. This page can be found in the navigation bar at the top under the Bullet Journal heading as well as in the home page. This is the main hub where you can find absolutely everything about the book club.

The Weekly Reading Plan:

I created the schedule and Dee made it into printables :)

Buy The Bullet Journal Method:

(Disclaimer: If you make a purchase through these links, I will make a small commission at no extra cost to you. This helps keep Tiny Ray of Sunshine going, thank you for your support!)

This week’s behind the scenes:

I took this week’s photo (and last week’s), wrote this week’s topic on the photo, and added some contrasting drop shadows for fun.

The Preparation

Pages 1 - 2

Welcome to week 1 of The Bullet Journal Method Book Club! Are you ready to begin?! This first part is quite meta since it’s only the page titled, “The Preparation.” It has a Venn diagram with “what” and “why.”

Discussion points for this week:

• What thoughts come to mind?

• What are you excited about finding out in this chapter?

My thoughts.

I think that with this Venn diagram, Ryder is preparing us to think about Bullet Journaling before we begin our journey. We know what it is, or have an idea of it, and he’s inviting us to think about why we’re Bullet Journaling and merge the two in order to have the clarity to Bullet Journal.

Your thoughts:

Share your thoughts about this week’s topic in the comments below. Feel free to respond to this week’s discussion points.

You’re also welcome to discuss on social media: Facebook | Instagram | Reddit

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