Write down what you do regularly

Welcome to Day 87 of my #100DaysofBulletJournalIdeas Project! 

Idea 87: Write down what you do regularly

Write down you do regularly

Writing down what you do regularly is the first step in helping you figure out how to optimize your time.

By figuring out the regular tasks, you can gain a better understanding of how the pieces fit together and whether you can consider batching some of them.

After you have brainstormed and brain-dumped all the things you do regularly that you can possibly think of, you can sort them out in terms of whether you do them on a:

  • Daily basis
  • Weekly basis
  • Monthly basis
  • Bi-weekly basis
  • Bi-monthly basis
  • Quarterly basis
  • Semi-yearly basis
  • Yearly-basis

The next step after this, I would recommend creating a recurring task tracker of some kind.

An optional third step that could prove very useful is to add these to your online calendar if you use one. The alerts will help remind you of your priorities when you treat these tasks as events you've committed to doing on a regular basis.

A Brief Summary:

  1. Write down the things you do regularly & consider the interval of frequency for each
    Are they daily, weekly, etc? (see list above)
  2. Set up a system to help you make sure you get these done on a regular basis
    Here are some of my recommendations
  3. (Optional) Use an online calendar to help alert and remind you of these regular tasks
    If you treat them as events, you may have a higher chance of accomplishing them since they will be time-blocked on your calendar

How do you keep track of things you do regularly?