Rate your Day

Welcome to Day 83 of my #100DaysofBulletJournalIdeas Project! 

Idea 83: Rate your Day

Rate your Day

Here's an idea for a simple log - or you could also make a note in your Daily or Monthly Log - rating how your day went. The idea is that you rate your day from a scale of 1-10 to see how you felt overall about it. 

When you notice your days are a coming up a certain number over and over, you might realize that you are either okay with that, a little unnerved and want to take action to improve, or may simply gain some insight. 

You can also write down some notes about why you felt your day was a 6 or a 9 and what could have made it a '10' day. Life can sometimes pass us by quickly and we can get into a rhythm that we're either okay with or unsatisfied with. When you can be honest with yourself about how you felt your day went, you're empowered to take action steps to ameliorate the situation. 

What would you rate today as?