4 Ways to Manage Subtasks in your Daily Logs

Welcome to Day 82 of my #100DaysofBulletJournalIdeas Project! 

Idea 82: Subtasks in your Daily Logs

Subtasks in your Daily Logs

1. Indent

The first way is a natural and intuitive way of indenting to add your sub-tasks. I believe this is the way that most people add subtasks.

2. Place them next to the main task

This is a method I use often since I usually list a task and then later on as I'm reviewing my task list to see what needs to be done, I may find that I need to add a subtask to one of the tasks so I usually put it next to task that needs a subtask. If I have more subtasks for that task, I'll put as many that fit next to that main task. 

3. Connect with arrows

If you find yourself running out of room with the methods up above, or didn't calculate enough room, then you can simply add tasks to your daily log and connect them to wherever the main task is.

4. Make mini sub-lists

If you have specific parts of your life that you need to compartmentalize such as work, personal, and school, then you can simply set aside the list visually with columns, boxes, highlighter, or headers that stand out for each.

How do you handle subtasks in your Bullet Journal?