Week 22: Migration (The Bullet Journal Method Book Club)

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This week we’re talking about Migration, which is perhaps the single most useful aspect of the whole system when you really pare it down completely. If you were to only keep up with the Bullets - even if it was just the task Bullet and the done Bullet - Migration would be essential to make sure you’re actually reviewing your list(s) to make sure you’re focusing your time - and your life.

Even if you don’t Bullet Journal, are starting to, are experienced, or are wondering if there’s a super bare bones version of it in which you could feel successful, then tasks + migration = your best bet to success in doing what matters to you.

Oftentimes we can go on autopilot, Migration is what reels you back in for a moment and asks you to consider all those things you wrote down and at one point wanted to do.

One of my favorite takeaways from this section was this quote:

“Transform any guilt into curiosity by asking yourself why each task might still be incomplete” - Ryder Carroll (108).


This week’s behind the scenes:

I took the photo and Dee sent in this lettering a few weeks ago for the week’s topic title. I put it all together and voila!


The Daily Log

Pages 86 - 89

Welcome to week 22 of The Bullet Journal Method Book Club!

Grab your Mental Inventory or go ahead and create one.

Kim’s Summary:

- Creating lists that are endless and unmanageable = overwhelming

- “Just because something could be done, doesn’t mean it should be done” (107)

- Focus time & energy on what matters

- Migration is the process of rewriting from one place to another. Seems like a lot of effort because it is in order to “weed out distractions.”

- “If an entry isn’t worth the few seconds of effort required to rewrite it, then it’s probably not that important.” (107)

- Ask yourself, “Do you really need to do/go/etc. Task?”


- At the end of each month review all pages for tasks left

- “Transform any guilt into curiosity by asking yourself why each task might still be incomplete” (108)

- Irrelevant tasks = strike out

- Relevant tasks = Migrate to Monthly Log’s task page, Custom Collection (CC), or Scheduled to Future Log (FL)

- Check FL for tasks and events also


- “A new notebook isn’t about starting over, it’s about leveling up” (111)

- At the end of a notebook, review Index for Collections to transfer to new BuJo


- Useful whether or not you have many tasks. Similar to the Daily Log in format

Mental Inventory:

- Review. What’s worth rewriting? What needs to get done next month? Migrate it to the Monthly Log. Migrate the rest to the FL or to CC.

From Donna*:

*Discussion Points:

Let’s discuss your thoughts on Migration. Ryder states that Migration serves as a critical purpose by weeding out distraction (108)

- How do you feel about continual Migration of unfinished tasks?

- Are you comfortable with Migration and recognize the benefits and if so please list some of the benefits that you have noticed or recognized?

- If you do not use the Migration process then what is your method that is used to keep up with your unfinished tasks?

*Action List:

Take a couple or a few of your unfinished tasks and ask yourself the questions that were recommended by Ryder (108):

1. Ask yourself why each task might still be incomplete.

2. Does the task matter?

3. Is the task vital?

4. What would happen if you did not complete the task?

Your thoughts:

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