Week 21: The Index (The Bullet Journal Method Book Club)

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The Index is something I’m fond of. When I first heard Ryder talk about it in his introduction to Bullet Journal video, I thought it was genius! I realized that it was the magic to hold the whole thing together and thought it was absolutely brilliant. Since then, I’ve developed and shared quite a few ideas for it over the years (see here and here and more).

I’m especially excited about this section because I contributed an idea that has now become a somewhat official part of Bullet Journaling with the concept of Notebook Threading! It’s an idea I originally shared in this article. I’m grateful that Ryder sees the value in it and has shared it in his book, videos, and articles. It truly means a tremendous amount to me and it makes me very happy and grateful to know that I could give back to him and to this wonderful community. :)


This week’s behind the scenes:

I took the photo and wrote the title for this week’s topic.


The Index

Pages 99 - 106

Welcome to week 21 of The Bullet Journal Method Book Club! 

Kim: This week we're officially entering the triple digits in terms of page numbers discussing the Index.

- It functions as "part table of contents, part traditional index."

- Ryder recommends setting two spreads at the front of your Bullet Journal for the Index.

- Add Collections to it by writing down the Collection's Topic and page number(s).

- If you have Collections that have their own series of Sub-collections, indent them in the Index.

- If you're Bullet Journaling with a specific purpose in mind, such as if you're a student or project manager, create a Dedicated Index per subject matter.

- If you have the same Collection spread out across different pages, Threading (introduced to the system by Carey Barnett) can be useful to connect the pages by adding the corresponding page numbers next to each other.

- If you have the same Collection spread out across notebooks and want to connect them, Notebook Threading (introduced to the system by me) can be useful by writing down the volume number of your Bullet Journal and the page number next to the page number of the Collection as well as in the Index.

Donna's Discussion points:

- Are you using the Index for your Bullet Journal?  Please explain the reasons you love it or, perhaps you are not using one, please explain your pros and cons of the Index.

- Are you currently Threading?  If so, we would love to hear your thoughts. We would also love for you to include tips or photos within the discussion in order to learn or inspire each other.

Donna's action list for the week:

• Let’s practice Threading!  Start a Collection this week or continue a previous Collection on a new page and Thread the two as described in our reading this week. Then, tell us how you liked this by listing your pros and/or cons.

• What about practicing the extended version of threading that was created by Kim!! Look for a Collection within your old Bullet Journal and document the same titled collection within your new journal.  Now practice listing the volume number of the journal you pulled from along with page number next to the page number that you created in your new notebook.

Your thoughts:

Share your thoughts about this week’s topic in the comments below. Feel free to respond to this week’s discussion points.

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