Week 20: The Future Log (The Bullet Journal Method Book Club)

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One of the biggest issues the Bullet Journal had when Ryder first introduced it in August 2013 was future planning. Where do you write down tasks and events that are due or happening in the future? With that issue to solve, Ryder introduced the Future Log as an integral part of the Bullet Journal.


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The Future Log

Pages 95 - 98

Welcome to week 20 of The Bullet Journal Method Book Club! This week we're going over the Future Log.

You have something happening in the future that you need to write down. Where do you write it?
The issue of figuring out where to write things down is solved with the Bullet Journal by inviting you to use the Daily Log as a place to write everything down - including future tasks. As Ryder says, "it's a catch-all, designed to hold our thoughts until we're ready to sort them out." When reflecting on your Daily Logs, it's the perfect time to transfer the future tasks with the "<" (pointing left towards the Future Log) to mark it as "scheduled" into the Future Log.


  • The Future Log is a list of future events, goals or deadlines that are waiting to be migrated to the corresponding Monthly Log when it's created.

  • Ryder says that "the Future Log functions as a time machine that reveals the outline of the future you're building, so you can course correct if necessary."

  • The Future Log gives a safe home to those things we need have access to in the future, without taking up space and cluttering the things that are the most important in our present. This is mindfulness in action.

Discussion points:

 From Kim:

  • Do you use the Future Log?

  • Do you write down future tasks and events in your Daily Log first, or do you write them directly into your Future Log?

  • What kind of Future Log do you use?

From Heidi:

  • How has the Future Log worked differently for you than a traditional calendar or planner?

Your thoughts:

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