Week 19: The Monthly Log (The Bullet Journal Method Book Club)

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This week we’re going over a part of the Bullet Journal that you may or may not use, The Monthly Log. This part can actually be pretty tricky to get the hang of, but Ryder has a way of using it that may just help you out. As a side note: this is the one part of his Bullet Journal that Ryder gives us a peek of at the start of every month.


This week’s behind the scenes:


The Monthly Log

Pages 90 - 94

Welcome to week 19 of The Bullet Journal Method Book Club!

Donna: This week we focus on the Monthly Log portion of the Bullet Journal. Ryder mentions that this is where you are able to get an overall view and approximation of how the month will start and finish.

This tool is used to gain focus and potentially maintain motivation with continual check ins of this page.

Here is the how: There are two facing pages for each Monthly Log and on the first page it is the monthly view in a list format and the page adjacent to the calendar is the task list.

List the dates for that particular month along the left side of the page making sure to leave room along the margin for signifiers for quick scanning. Next, place the initial of each day of the week next to the date and it’s that simple. Make sure to see the Monthly Log example that Ryder provides (pg.91). Within your Monthly Log you are able to list upcoming events, appointments etc...However, Ryder likes to document short entries post event in order to keep the monthly as a timeline for the future self. He reminds us that “nothing is set in stone.” Document as you see fit for your needs.

Last, we have the task page which Ryder also calls it your Mental Inventory page. Here is where you will list any action items that may be accumulating in your mind. Make sure to ask yourself questions such as what matters this month and what are the priorities.

Make sure to rewrite any undone tasks from the previous month on to the new month which is called Migration and that will be another great subject that we will talk about in a couple of weeks.

Kim’s Discussion Points:

  • Consider your Monthly Log. What works? What doesn’t? What can be eliminated? What would you like to try? These are similar to what Ryder prompts when creating a new Monthly Log.

  • Do you add events ahead of time in your Monthly Log? Afterwards? Or both?

  • What kinds of tasks do you write down?

  • How often do you refer to your Monthly Log?

  • Do you migrate the tasks you haven’t completed as per the monthly Migration?

  • Do you find your Monthly Log helpful?

Your thoughts:

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