Week 23: The Letter (The Bullet Journal Method Book Club)

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This week’s topic covers a letter that was sent to Ryder anonymously that he included in the book. You may recognize this from the Bullet Journal blog.


This week’s behind the scenes:

I took the photo and placed Dee’s lettering as the title of this week’s topic.


The Letter

Pages 114 - 117

Welcome to week 23!

Donna’s Summary: 
Quick emotional read however it is an important example of why the Bullet Journal is useful and quite possibly life saving. Ryder tries to answer the question of why we bother doing all of this (Bullet Journaling) by providing this amazing letter within his book. Side note: You may need tissues as you read the anonymous letter.

The letter starts off with the mention of a parent’s worst nightmare. This was written by a mom of one of the students within a preschool class containing children that suffer with health and developmental problems from moderate to severe. Ailments mentioned are brain tumors, multiple sclerosis, cystic fibrosis, autism and cancer in remission (114). This class was meant to provide a way for the students to catch up with their peers.

One of the children turns blue and the eyes shut. Emergency 911 is called and the EMT arrive. On this particular day the mother of this said child happened to be the mom on duty. The mom was not calm and quite nervous. The mom fumbled through her purse and pulled out her Bullet Journal and was able to provide all that was needed in order to save her son’s life.

The EMT was amazed and thanked the mother stating that the provided information was everything that they needed. The EMT read from the mom’s journal to dispatch via phone providing the critical information such as the seizure log, medications with dosage, allergies and the child’s specialists along with phone numbers.

The writer tells us that the child is now alive and happy. Begrudgingly, he is required to carry a portable oxygen tank in his backpack with him at all times. The writer also reminds us of the importance of always carrying critical information of each of your family members because no one ever knows if or when the emergency can happen to them or their family. “Being organized could be the difference between life and death.” (117)

Action list for this week from Kim:

- Create a Collection with emergency information, medications and dosages, phone numbers, file numbers, an allergy list, and any special medical logs you may need. Title them with your or your loved one’s name. Tab it accordingly.

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