Layout Idea: Waiting On

Hi everyone!

The 'waiting on' log is one of my favorite collections I've added to my Bullet Journal. I created it out of a need to keep track of responses I'm waiting on. I add a new collection to each notebook to help me stay of top of them.

 This includes emails I'm waiting on a response for, support from services, letters, giveaways, blog comments - you name it!

Anything that has to do with a response of some kind I add to this log.

The columns signify:

  • : To indicate that I received a response.
  • As of: The date I have been waiting as of.
  • Type: What is the medium for the response? A call, email, letter, support ticket, blog comment, giveaway results?
  • From + Reason: Who I'm waiting on a response for and a few words on the reason I'm waiting on them.

The above image is an example of how this can be used.

How do I use it?

Let's say I send someone an email that I'm waiting on a response from, I add the date to the 'as of' column, the type of communication (email), who, and the reason. The reason in this case could be a specific project or idea we're discussing. This short snippet will help me to recall why I'm waiting on them and why it's important. I don't add every single thing, only responses I'm eager to receive. Once I've received a response, I flip over to this page (usually tabbed) and check it off. If I reply and am again waiting a new response, I simply add a new entry with new date at the end of the list.


It's a simple and handy collection that helps me stay on top of these forms of contact so I can focus on other things and refer to these when I need to.

Since I shared this idea in a few different places (Bullet Journal guest postNov Bujo set up, Instagram, Facebook) I've seen others add additional columns such as a 'projects' column after 'type' or simplify it further by only having it as a checklist. That's the great thing about sharing ideas for the Bullet Journal, everyone customizes the idea to suit their needs!

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