Keep a Snack Ideas Log to Keep Hunger at Bay

Welcome to Day 38 of my #100DaysofBulletJournalIdeas Project! 

Idea 38: Snack Ideas Log

Snack Ideas Log

Today I was thinking about what to snack on when I thought to make a quesadilla. So I got up and made a couple with the last of some cheese blend and I was all excited to chow down on a simple snack thinking it would bring me a bit of energy so I could get more work done. It actually turned out to make me a bit drowsy and foggy. Not good when all I wanted a little pick me up. 

It hit me that I should create a collection in my Bullet Journal of snack ideas to help me out when I get the tummy rumbles and need something to perk me up to keep my momentum going. 

I figured a snack ideas log would be great to help me figure out some healthy and tasty snacks to have on hand. 

Besides this, I've also learned this great truth about myself: when things are out of sight, they tend to also be out of mind. Due to this, I've learned to put visual cues in front of me. For example, I have a fruit bowl on the coffee table so that I can easily reach over and grab a tasty fruit when I'm sitting on the couch. Simple and easy - my favorite.

Something I really enjoy is making healthy treats to enjoy throughout the week such as making granola bars. This is something I don't do often enough, but I absolutely love. 

I'm excited for this idea! The more snacks, the better! :)

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