Self-Care Day

Welcome to Day 67 of my #100DaysofBulletJournalIdeas Project! 

Idea 67: Self-Care Day

Self-Care Day

I think it's kind of coincidental that I planned to write this article the same day that I got into a bike crash. I got a few scrapes on my lip, fingers, knuckles, and elbows along with bruises on my thighs, and internal pain on my arms and my left hand (making typing a bit painful with my pinky) but in general I'm okay. It could have been much worse, thankfully it wasn't. 

You can imagine how after this event, I would most definitely desire a self-care day, so here we are.

My general rule of thumb is to encourage you to incorporate pockets of time in your day-to-day with activities you love and enjoy, such as reading a book that feeds your mind, taking a moment for creativity, taking a walk (or bike ride, which is what today's ride was supposed to be...something relaxing to help ease my mind), taking a nice warm shower while listening to an audiobook or using some of your special shampoo and conditioner that smells super good that you got from your salon but rarely use because of the price (that was a bit of a tangent, does anyone else do this? haha). 

Things like this help you feel centered and mentally nourished and relaxed. What works for me, might not work for you, though. It's important to do the things that help give you the feelings you want to achieve. Maybe self-care to you doesn't mean feel relaxed, but perhaps it could mean peace of mind in some way. We all experience the world differently.

Sometimes for me, it's the usual simple everyday things that need to get done, but make a world of a difference mentally when kept up with such as that the laundry is clean, dishes are clean, the house is tidy. I think cleanliness helps a ton to mentally cleanse yourself.

Besides the everyday upkeep, I think it's important to treat yourself to a day, or afternoon, when you can truly pamper yourself. Having a self-care day or a 'me' day can help you take in the little things in a mindful way and boost your experience in all areas of your life.

My ideal self-care day would look something like:

  • Taking a nap (after I grabbed some yummy food, I went straight to bed for a nap to help my body recover)
  • Enjoying a delicious meal (treat yourself to a favorite restaurant, or cook yourself something tasty - you could even invite a loved one to join you for this part)
  • Doing whatever you want to do (sometimes we can forget amidst the daily grind that we really do have the power to shape those pockets of time that we have all to ourselves)
  • Pamper yourself (taking a warm shower or bath, neatening up your nails, grooming yourself, etc.)
  • Tidying up (I find having things neat and tidy helps with my mental state, at least in the house, my workspace is usually messy for the most part)
  • Get messy (use those art supplies that you love, or do another crafting project you enjoy, or work on a project around the house)
  • Write (writing is the transcribing of the thoughts floating around in my mind into a more comprehensible state. I often feel like my mind is brimming with thoughts, taking the time to write helps me slow down and figure them out)
  • Read (the enjoyment of reading a good book is akin to having a great conversation, I love it)
  • Take mindful breaks (every once in while, pause and take a moment to become aware of what you're currently doing and take a breath. Notice your thoughts about the moment and let them drift away, detaching yourself from the feelings and noticing how each moment has its own opportunity to be different from the last. This is extremely helpful to me if I'm caught in a series of thoughts, I focus on something around me, and then get on with thinking about something else and/or refocus.)
  • Lounging (conversing with a loved one, watching a favorite show, or trying out a new show, watching a movie, relaxing with the furry friends, etc.)
  • Limit your online time (I love being online and sharing ideas and seeing what others are up to, but sometimes I need a little time away to recenter myself)

How your ideal day may look is entirely up to you. These are simply some of my favorite ways to treat myself to a cozy day, especially when I really need it like today. :)

What would be your ideal self-care day?

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