Sales Items

Welcome to Day 98 of my #100DaysofBulletJournalIdeas Project! 

Idea 98: Sales Items

Sales Items

It's Amazon's Prime Day and it made me think about all the items on sale.

I like looking around at things that are on sale and taking a moment to consider whether I need something or not.

Something that can help is having a log of items that are on sale and writing down the:

  • Item
  • Cost
  • Sale Price
  • Original Price/Down From
  • Discount (Percent and/or Amount)
  • When the sale expires

This allows me to take some time to think it over in case there are a few things that I'm considering but not entirely sure I want to invest the money on.

This idea works best when shopping online, but it can also be helpful when you're browsing catalogs or shopping in a store. You might write down some items down, walk around or sleep on them, and when you revisit you might find that there only a few things that you want from the list. 

As a bonus tip: my latest criteria on whether or not I buy something is by asking myself if I'm in love with it. This is especially helpful when shopping for clothes. A lot of the time, I find that I like the way certain articles of clothing look, just not on me after trying it on. If I do find something that I like and I'm in love with the way I look in it, then I'll excitedly get it. Bonus points if it's on sale. Just recently I found this cute pair of shorts that I love the way I look in and they were discounted an extra 50% on top of being on sale. Mega win!

That is another bonus tip: when you go into a store, head over to their sales racks to check out lovely discounted items. They are often discounted at a reasonable price and there's usually an added sale to stack on top. 

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Some Prime Day Deals that sound good:

You must be an Amazon Prime Member to take advantage of these deals, to sign up click here.

Remember: you must be an Amazon Prime Member to take advantage of these deals, to sign up click here.

    Is there anything you're eyeing from Amazon's Prime Day? 

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