Tiny Tip Tuesday: Review your day

Hello there!

Welcome to Tiny Tip Tuesday. In this series I will share tiny tips and hacks to help simplify your life.

Today I want to share a tip that works for me when I want to review how my day went to gain some peace and clarity and just in general to see how my day went. I like to get an overall picture of my days and it's fun looking back on.

I ask myself a series of questions in order to evaluate what I did and how I felt about my day and what things I want to work on. I also like to close it down by asking myself what I am grateful for that day.

I do this in my Bullet Journal with a sideways filled-in triangle as a signifier for questions. Countless research has shown that being grateful improves happiness, which I think we could all benefit from.

Here's the breakdown of some of the questions that I ask myself most nights:

  • How did today go?

  • What did I think of today's spread? (I ask this when I've tried a new format for my daily page. I tend to change my daily pages often because I crave variety.)

  • Good things that happened/Highlights

  • Stressful things that I want less of

  • How can I improve

  • 5 things I'm thankful for

I don't ask them all each night, I usually ask myself the ones I feel that I need in order to close down the day and think through it to a point that feels right to me. I think it's worth noting that I also don't do this every night. I do it often, and I'm sure that if I were to do it every night it would provide me with more peace, but I'm not perfect so I tend to do this only when I really feel that I need to or would like to. Again, this brings me peace and helps me end my day more enjoyably by reflecting on it and I also gain clarity and focus on what I want to do the next day.

Here are some pages from my Bullet Journal illustrating a nightly review. 


Do you do some sort of nightly review? I would love to know. I think this is a great place to share ideas and it's a happy place to communicate. Feel free to share some questions you ask yourself, or what you do on your nightly review, if you do one at all :)

Have a sunny day!


P.S. If you were wondering what the checkmarks were at the bottom right next to the page number, check out this post out where I explain it.

Notebook used is a Leuchtturm1917

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