Week 15: Notes (The Bullet Journal Method Book Club)

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We’re excited to introduce a guest co-host for this week, Mirella @mutant_bujo. You recall that she had her question answered from Ryder in his Q&A for Part I.


This week’s behind the scenes:

Dee took this photo, wrote the title for this week’s topic on the image, and created this fun background with the Note Bullet.



Pages 76 - 79

Welcome to Week 15 of The Bullet Journal Method Book Club!

Kim: This week we're discussing Notes. We're also happy to introduce Mirella @mutant_bujo as a guest host for this week. She's been hugely active in this book club and has even created the Italian version of this book club over at @metodobulletjournal_clublibro!

Mirella: Notes allow me to write on paper during the day very small and significant details for me, which I would never be able to remember using the classic journaling. I associate the Notes a lot with Mindfulness, as they allow me to be present here and now! Another advantage I find in the use of Notes is that they allow me to re-evaluate a day that seems to have ended negatively and with a few tasks completed; noting down everything I do, including tasks not included in the bullet-tasks, I often realize that I have simply done a thousand other useful things, and this leads me to re-evaluate my day in a positive way, to be more flexible and improves my ability to plan.

In this week’s reading, in terms of writing notes, Ryder mentions that “by keeping your Notes short, you’re forced to distill information down to the essential.” However, he also notes, “do your future self a kindness and don’t sacrifice clarity for brevity. It will keep your Bullet Journal valuable for years.” When writing down Notes, he suggests asking yourself what’s important and why. After a lecture, meeting, or lecture, Ryder advises sitting down with your Notes to let them sink in and reflect on what was said and to write down any other Notes that surface.

This week’s action list from Kim:

  • When writing down Notes, write down only the essential parts. Keep them as brief as you can, while maintaining their meaning.

  • After writing down Notes, reflect on what’s important about them and why they’re important.

  • After taking Notes on anything you’re learning about (or a meeting, lecture, etc.), sit and reflect with your Notes. Write down anything that comes to mind as well as any questions you have in order to gain more clarity.

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