Your Life's Constellation

Welcome to Day 56 of my #100DaysofBulletJournalIdeas Project! 

Idea 56: Life Constellation

Life Constellation

A Life Constellation idea is about creating a collection with a constellation of your favorite moments in your life. 

They are those defining moments of your life that you have felt truly proud of yourself and felt you have made great progress. They are the great achievements of your life up until now. They are a way to see the most wonderful moments of your life. They are both the large and small things that make you happy and bring a smile to your face whenever you think about how much you have grown and achieved. They can be a journey of personal development, they can be accolades, they can be friendships, it can be anything that left a truly large impression on your life. 

This is an exercise that can help you gain perspective when it feels like the days are hard to go through, or like progress is slow. There is so much you've accomplished in your life that the day-to-day grind can sometimes make it feel like you're not progressing. Reflecting and taking stock like this can help you see how much you've accomplished. It's good to step back every once in a while and pat yourself on the back, especially when you're struggling. Making it visual will help you remember and encourage you to keep moving forward to reach for more stars. That might have been a little corny, oh well. :) 

P.S. If you're new to the Bullet Journal®, I recommend checking out, it was invented by Ryder Carroll. Ryder is an awesome human that walks you through how to set up your own Bullet Journal with his handy tutorial video that you can check out at!

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