Happy NaJoWriMo: Some thoughts on Journaling

I just discovered that it is 'NaJoWriMo,' as in National Journal Writing Month, I had no idea!

But now that I know, I want to write down some thoughts about journaling and the impact it's had in my life.

I remember taking every writing assignment very seriously growing up. It stretched my mind like pizza dough to consider the prompts and put together my thoughts for them. 

I remember writing and drawing in the margins of all my school-issued planners to commemorate and record conversations that made me smile that day. 

I remember buying my very first journal just for my personal thoughts where I would proceed to record what I felt, where I would make sense of the world by pouring out my thoughts and reflections. 

My journal became the place where I let out my most innermost and intimate thoughts about life, about friendship, about relationships, about my goals, about my worries, about my turmoils, about my joys, and more.

Notebook by notebook I filled pages upon pages of my scrawlings and my ramblings.

Journaling, to me, has always been a cathartic journey of exploring who I am, what I think, how I feel, discussing what's important and what matters to me. 

In my most personal writings I have discovered new ways of thinking, fresh understandings and have come to many realizations.

With my pen, I write to understand.

What I wrote with:

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