Birthday Celebration

Welcome to Day 61 of my #100DaysofBulletJournalIdeas Project! 

Idea 61: Birthday Celebration

Birthday Celebration

It probably comes as no surprise that I'd write about something birthday related on my birthday :) 

I've celebrated 3 birthdays so far with the lovely planning & Bullet Journal community!

I think it's pretty neat to just write something about your birthday - even if it's just acknowledging it.

This year I'm thinking about writing another letter to my future self talking about my hopes and dreams in this upcoming 'new year.' That, and maybe some 'birthday wishes,' maybe one of those commemorative spreads or a retrospective about all that I've accomplished in this past year and, of course, the things that I'm most grateful for. 

Honestly, all I want is a good birthday with lots of peace and positivity and happiness. I'm truly grateful to get to interact and chat with you and learn a little more about you. I do love encouraging you on your planning journey and I'm happy to provide inspiration. I'm grateful to be alive, sometimes days and moments are difficult, but having you be there in some way in my life truly means a lot to me. Here's to another wonderful year of life! 

Oh, and if you haven't heard the news yet - I'm finally opening up my Etsy shop! I'll be adding new fun goodies periodically. The Intention Wheel is up now! So go check out my Etsy shop to grab yours ;) That would also be a lovely birthday present, wink wink, if you enjoy my efforts :) 

I hope your day is as wonderful as I hope to make mine!

P.S. If you're new to the Bullet Journal®, I recommend checking out, it was invented by Ryder Carroll - he's an awesome human that walks you through how to set up your own Bullet Journal with his handy tutorial video that you can check out here!

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