Week 13: Tasks (The Bullet Journal Method Book Club)

Hello Sunshine!

This week we’re discussing Bullets, the one thing that unifies all Bullet Journals and so core to the system that it’s part of the name, Bullet Journal.


This week’s behind the scenes:

Trine took this photo and Dee wrote out the title for this week’s topic in the photo and did the fun background for the Task Bullet in all of its forms.



Pages 67 - 70

Welcome to week 13 of The Bullet Journal Method Book Club!

Dee: Our topic this week is the Tasks bullet. The current iteration of Tasks bullets that Ryder uses are the following:

• Task
x Completed Task
> Migrated Task
< Scheduled task --- Irrelevant Task (striked out)

All Tasks in the Daily Log are represented as a • and marked as either completed (x), migrated (>) and scheduled (<) when we are reviewing our tasks on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Strikeout any tasks that are irrelevant or no longer need to be actioned.

Kim: This week, we're excited to officially introduce Trine @logthatlife. She recently shared a lovely worksheet to help you shorten your sentences to improve your Rapid-Logging skills.

Trine: Last week we practiced shortening our entries to say more with less. This week we can practice the way we divide our entries and create tasks. How much thought have you put into your Task bullet? We often see a wide variety of different checkboxes and other shapes. It would be interesting to talk about the way we use "tasks" and if we're driven by the aesthetics or to the effectiveness. A "do you prefer the bullet (dot) over the checkbox" discussion. Do you prefer aesthetics over efficiency, or have you considered why you use the task-bullet you do? 

Donna: Did you know that if a Master Task is created and the Subtasks become too lengthy it would then be called a project? At this point the project should then migrate to a blank page creating a Collection which will have the title of this project. I like Ryder’s idea that if at the time you are not ready to start a collection then just create a simple task reminding you to start one for that very project (page 68).

This week's action list (from Trine):

  • What thoughts have you given to the way you write down your tasks?

  • Is it possible to divide your tasks in a way that makes it easier for you to get things done?

  • A challenge: try to use the Task bullet if you normally don't.

Your thoughts:

Share your thoughts about this week’s topic in the comments below. Feel free to respond to this week’s discussion points.

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