Week 27: Reflection (The Bullet Journal Method Book Club)

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Now we’re crossing over into figuring out where the method goes from system to practice.


This week’s behind the scenes:

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Pages 131 - 140


Kim’s Summary:

“This is where the method shifts from a system into a practice by helping us continually chip away at what is unnecessary to reveal what is meaningful”(134).

In Practice: When Bullet Journaling, you already passively reflect, the key is to turn it into an active form. We do this via…

Daily Reflection:

- Capture your thoughts throughout the day in the Daily Log.

- AM: A Time to Plan. “Clear your mind to make room for the day ahead. Review all of the pages of the current month to remind you of any open tasks. This helps you focus and clarify your priorities and plan accordingly”(136).

- PM: A Time to Review. “Where the AM Reflection favors planning to gear up for your day, the PM Reflection leans toward review to help you unwind”(136). Scan what you’ve logged and check off any tasks you’ve completed. Add anything you may have missed. When you’ve finished updating everything, look at each task and ask yourself, “Why is this important? Why am I doing this? Why is this a priority?” (136). Finally, “take a moment to appreciate your progress…The PM Reflection can be a wonderful way to decompress before you sleep, relieving stress and anxiety through a sense of progress, preparedness, and purpose”(137).

Monthly and Yearly Reflection through Migration: Migration gives you the friction necessary to reflect on whether something is worth doing or not. If it’s not worth the effort to rewrite, then it’s probably not important.

Consistency: Check in for a moment. “The goal is to get into the habit of checking in with yourself, asking small whys…You’re refining your beliefs, your values, your ability to spot your weaknesses and your strengths”(139).

Awareness: “During reflection, we get in the habit of switching off our autopilot by examining our experience”(139).

Summary: At the optometrist, you’re shown lenses you can see more clearly through. In the following sections, Ryder will go over some of the lenses he’s found most helpful.

Action list:

- Reflect AM & PM.

- Update and ask yourself the questions mentioned above.


- Do you currently reflect AM & PM?

- Do you ask yourself any questions when you reflect?

- What’s your reflection process?

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