Week 34: Radiance (The Bullet Journal Method Book Club)

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Today we’re discussing “Radiance,” which is what Ryder refers to as the ripple effect we have on those around us, as it is what we radiate.


This week’s behind the scenes:


Pages 195 - 202

Ryder describes how our actions ripple out to those around us, which causes more ripples to those around them. Ryder calls our ability to influence the world around us as our “radiance,” as “literally, what we radiate.” What we put out is oftentimes a reflection of what’s going on inside. Our energy - or lack of - can either inspire or drain others.

Ryder goes on to say, “I’m not suggesting that you force yourself to become a chirpy Disney character with rainbows or perpetual optimism out your nose. Rather, we have an obligation to address our weaknesses and to build on our strengths because we’re not alone…Bettering yourself leads to bettering others and - if we play that ripple effect all the way out to its infinite potential and multiply it by every willing soul - to bettering the world. If you don’t want to become better for yourself, do it for them. If your goal in life is to be useful to others, you can start by figuring out how to be useful to yourself.” Ryder suggests a few strategies to improve your radiance:


When you find yourself criticizing yourself, ask yourself: “What would I tell a friend in this situation?” To begin feeling better, you can find evidence that will help you question your inner critic in your Daily Log (or Gratitude Log, if you’ve kept one).

Mutual Improvement

Consider who you surround yourself with, because their strengths and weaknesses will shape you. “Look through your Bullet Journal to see who you’re spending your time with. You may know how you feel about them, but have you ever considered their impact on you?” Ryder suggests taking notes on some your interactions. “Don’t worry, you’re not keeping creepy records on your friends; you’re simply becoming mindful of how their radiance affects you.” Write down notes about the activity you did and how you felt.


For this, “The best way to serve others is to challenge yourself to grow. Being intentional in your pursuit of knowledge will help you engage with the world and open it up in ways you would have never considered, or been willing to, otherwise.” Use your Bullet Journal to identify interests you’d like to explore more. See p.202.


1. What did you think about this section?

2. Do you think those you’re affected by those you’re surrounded by? Do you think you affect those around you?

3. How do those around you affect you? And how do you affect them?

4. Do you practice self-compassion?

5. What are some interests you’d like to learn about? And which one are you most curious about?

Action List:

1. If you catch yourself self-criticizing, ask yourself, “What would I tell a friend in this situation?” Also look over your Daily Logs and possible Gratitude Log for evidence to feel better.

2. Write down two lists of those you spend your time with, professionally and personally. Write down some interactions with them such as what you did, talked about, and how you felt. What did you learn?

3. See p.202.  Create a Collection of interests you’d like to learn more about. Pick the one you’re most curious about and create a Collection for it. Brainstorm how you’ll go about learning about it and create a list of tasks for it. 

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