Meal Prep

Welcome to Day 36 of my #100DaysofBulletJournalIdeas Project! 

Idea 36: Meal Prep

Meal Prep

Since I shared the Recipes To Try idea, I've been making all sorts of fun new yummy recipes! 

The only thing is that this has been taking a bit of time in the evenings, which is fine! But since I'm working on eating regularly, I figured the next step would be to work on meal prep to make lunches ahead for the week to help with my efforts. Possibly also dabble in batch cooking (tomorrow's idea, possibly).

Stay tuned for the photo of my adventures with this!

For now, I'll share that I enjoy meal prepping by washing all the produce as soon as I bring it home from the grocery, that way I can just grab and chop. Easy-peasy, anything that cuts down the actual cooking process.

Do you meal prep? I would love to hear your experience with this and any tips you may have! :) 

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