Gifting Details Log

Welcome to Day 46 of my #100DaysofBulletJournalIdeas Project! 

Idea 46: Gifting Details Log

Gifting Details Log

Do you ever run across a shirt or item that you think would be absolutely perfect for one of your friends but you don't know what size in that kind of clothing they are? 

You can eyeball it, but a sure-fire way to know would be to have their sizes in some form of log. Enter: The Gifting Details Log.

With this log, you'll be able to glance at the sizes for your friends and families and it'll make grabbing them a shirt a breeze. If you're a parent, you'll probably appreciate this idea to keep your kids' clothing sizes in order. Perhaps you can even add some extra useful information such as favorite colors. It's up to you. 

I recommend setting it up by writing out names across the top in columns and the first row would be the different measurements. It doesn't have to be as detailed as something like a measurements tracker, it can simply have information for things like shirt size, pant size, sweater size, shoe size, favorite color. That sort of thing. Something simple, this way when you're at the store and are shopping for a gift for your cousin or your friend, you can glance at this log. A bonus tip is to take a photo of this log and keep in your phone for easy reference if you're ever without your Bullet Journal but still need to reference it. 

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