Gentleness Reminders

Welcome to Day 95 of my #100DaysofBulletJournalIdeas Project! 

Idea 95: Gentleness Reminders

Gentleness Reminders

Ninety-five days. Ninety-five days! Can you believe it? Here we are five days short of completing this 100 day project. I'm truly excited to say the least. I'm grateful that you've joined me in this endeavor. 

Today I want to talk about reminders to be gentle to yourself.

I feel like a lot of the time we put this pressure on ourselves to be or do things a certain way. Whether it's what we think others expect from us or what we expect from ourselves, we can get caught up on what we think we're lacking or not doing enough of that we can become generally unhappy with ourselves.

It's not a fun feeling when you're not happy with yourself or when you're constantly thinking about an ideal version of yourself. It makes that reality seem so far away that it brings us into unhappiness because it's not what currently is. 

The Buddha said that all suffering comes from attachment. The attachment of what isn't, takes attention from what is. One of the most profound and impactful ways I've discovered to bring happiness into my life is through gratitude logging simply because it encourages you to think about what you have and it brings you into the present moment. 

Another idea to consider is creating a log of gentleness reminders full of encouraging pep talks to yourself, whether in the form of quotes, kind compliments to yourself, or words you need to hear. 

You could call it a compliments log, pep talks log, affirmations log - all of these are a form of gentleness to yourself. It's an exercise in accepting yourself as you are. It's completely fine and normal to want to improve yourself, but I've always advocated being kind to yourself as you are while you're working towards who you want to be.

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What are some things you need to gently remind yourself of?