A Final Tasks List will help you focus your end of the month efforts

Welcome to Day 58 of my #100DaysofBulletJournalIdeas Project! 

Idea 58: Final Tasks

Final Tasks

This is a list I create from time to time toward the end of the month when I have a lot of tasks spinning around in my mind. 

Each day, I grab a few tasks from this list to help me focus my efforts. I started doing this because I noticed that when I added too many tasks to my Daily Log the day of or night before, it would stress me out even further. 

This idea is pretty much a form of a brain dump/mental inventory but specifically done toward the end of the month. 

I usually have a bunch of deadlines to meet at the end of the month and it stresses me out, so using this list helps me get everything out while keeping a focused Daily Log. 

Do you have any sort of master final to do brain dump thing at the end of the month to churn through the rest of your tasks for the month?

P.S. If you're new to the Bullet Journal®, I recommend checking out BulletJournal.com, it was invented by Ryder Carroll. Ryder is an awesome human that walks you through how to set up your own Bullet Journal with his handy tutorial video that you can check out at BulletJournal.com!

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