During the Lifespan of your Bullet Journal

Welcome to Day 73 of my #100DaysofBulletJournalIdeas Project! 

Idea 73: During the Lifespan of your Bullet Journal

During the Lifespan of your Bullet Journal

Here's an idea that acts a time capsule of your Bullet Journal. Creating a page, or spread, where you can write down different things you'd like to capture is a fun overview of what went on in the lifespan of your Bullet Journal.

Ideas you can include are:

  • Special moments
  • Books you read
  • Movies you watched
  • Adventures you had
  • Places you visited
  • Favorite songs
  • How you grew as a person
  • Favorite memories
  • Defining quotes
  • Accomplishments 

And more, much more! Whatever fits into the spread of your choosing :)

I recommend making this one of the first pages, if not the first page, to easily flip to and fill out as you go through your life doing awesome things. It'll be fun to see what you accomplished in a snapshot overview.

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