Creating a Done List in your Bullet Journal

Welcome to Day 71 of my #100DaysofBulletJournalIdeas Project! 

Idea 71: Done List

Done List

A done list can be a great way to help encourage you to see what you were to accomplish today. 

Sometimes it can feel like the day is a struggle because of outside factors, internal factors, things happening around you, things that feel unfair, or due to how you feel. 

Sometimes you do the best that you can and then you need to rest. Sometimes it can feel like your struggles aren't matching up to your expectations. Sometimes you can lose sight of all that you have accomplished and continue to accomplish.

It's important to keep yourself going, sometimes that way is by counting the things that you have done and create a 'done list.' This list can help encourage and keep you going when you feel that progress is slow or that you're not seeing results from your efforts. Little by little, step by step, progress is being made and things will bloom in their own time.

If you'd rather not create a dedicated 'done list,' I recommend this idea.

Have you tried a 'done list'?