DIY sticky note shapes!

Hi everyone!

I’ve recently rekindled my love for sticky notes. They really are quite wonderful. I’ve been using all different sizes lately according to what I write down and am finally getting some use out of all my Target dollar spot sticky notes. Anyways, I was looking around online at sticky notes and found myself looking at some cute ones from Amazon when I stopped at looked at the $10 price tag. Erm, $10 for a handful of sticky notes? Plus shipping costs? No thank you.

It was at that moment that I looked over at a container on my desk housing a few sticky notes that I realized I could make my own shapes!

After mulling it over for no more than 10 seconds, I grabbed a dime, X-Acto knife and cutting mat. I traced the curvature of the dime at the corner of the post-it with a pencil then carefully cut away with the X-acto knife by using pressing motions.

A couple of minutes later and voila! Homemade sticky notes. I took a few from the bundle and placed them inside the front cover of my notebook.

Sticky notes are so handy, and now I’m happy to have some cute homemade ones. And whenever I feel like switching it up, I can do so easily :)

Here’s another style:

For these ones, I lined them up in between the grid marks and cut at the middle of the two boxes on either side of the corners.

The sticky note shape possibilities are endless! Have fun making your own!


Sticky Notes

Exacto knife

- Coin

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