Add stylistic headers to your Bullet Journal

As I mentioned in this article, one of my favorite parts of the Bullet Journal is creating headers for the dates and collections. It's one of the simplest and funnest ways I've found to personalize my Bullet Journal.

Here are a few examples of the styles I've tried out :)

This is a fun way for me to exercise my creativity and make an interesting feature on my daily pages and collections. 

I've taken inspiration from calligraphy by doing faux calligraphy with a regular pen instead of a calligraphy pen.

The one in the rectangle was inspired by my friend Dee of Decadethirty


Leuchtturm1917 (Amazon//Goulet Pens)

- The pen I use most often is a black Pentel Hybrid Technica 03

- A mini ruler

- Colorful pens such as the Le Pen or Staedtlers

- Colorful inks such as Sheaffer skrip green (Amazon // Goulet Pens) in my Pilot Vanishing Point (Fine nib) (Amazon // Goulet Pens)

Over time I've found that fine needle-tip pens are my favorite to write with as they give me better control than a broader nib. 

You don't need any specific tools, but I do think they make a difference in how handwriting stands out. 

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