Daily Docket insert planner for Fauxdori

Howdy everyone!

I have been using the Bullet Journal for quite some time now. What I love most about it is being able to create any template to suit anything you may have a need for. What I found is that I have a few things I like to keep track of everyday, and since I've downsized from a medium dot grid Leuchtturm 1917 to a pocket-sized notebook type of deal, I decided I would create a booklet full of "daily docket" pages to jump in everyday. This saves me a lot of time, I would usually take about a half hour every morning drawing out the template and writing in the corresponding things, or I would just not create a template at all and miss being able to keep track of things in a neat and organized way. A two-page spread works best for me.

I watched Ray Blake's video on how to create a leather Fauxdori in the field notes/pocket moleskine size which I made with some scrap leather. I love it! It feels so personal and unique. I also love that I can slide in multiple notebooks for whatever function I want. I tried the Bullet Journal method of everything in one book, and the index is handy for keeping track of it all, but I just felt like keeping my daily page needs in a dedicated notebook, and that's what this post is all about! This allows me to plan forward a few days if need be.

I wanted it to be as simple as possible to print out and bind, so I placed the template smack dab in the middle of the page, that way I could press print for a certain amount of pages and then flip those pages over and print on the backside in the corresponding place. I printed out 9 pages (total of 18 spreads) for the remainder of the month.

I then folded the pages in half in a couple of batches. I decided to use a binder divider I bought from Target as the cover which I also folded in half.

Then I took an awl and hammer and placed the holes a half inch apart and ended up with ten holes. At this point, I wasn't really sure how to bind it. Thankfully, a quick search on google brought me to this webpage where I just followed the tutorial twice. I used cotton twine and large-eye embroidery needle.

Hooray! Almost done. Because I don't have a strong enough table cutter to go through 9 pieces of printer paper plus a heavy divider, I just ended up cutting with scissors. Still looks pretty good. To me at least.

Yay! So happy. :)

Here's more info on how I use it.

If you would like to create your own daily docket booklet with this template, you're in luck. Here are a few versions of this template.

With checkboxes for morning/evening routines + HW box
With checkboxes for morning/evening routines + no HW box
Without checkboxes for morning/evening routines + HW box
Without checkboxes for morning/evening routines + no HW box

I did realize that I ended up using open circles as checkboxes, while in the Bullet Journal they are squares. The only thing I can say to that is that while I was designing these I forgot to use square checkboxes. If requested, I'll change them and update this post, but otherwise I kinda like them like this :) Plus you can create your own checkboxes if you choose a checkbox-less download

I hope you enjoy, I love it so far.

Have a sunny day!


UPDATE: I have gone back to my Leuchtturm1917, I couldn't deal with the small size, I feel like I can breathe with all of the open space and I no longer feel the need to draw out a daily template each day, instead I follow the Bullet Journal method pretty closely by rapid-logging a daily list each day.

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