Organize your Holiday Gift Ideas with Pinterest, Trello and IFTTT

Howdy there,

Today's post is just a quick tutorial on harnessing the power of all the cool gift ideas you find all over the internet and organizing them neatly for your loved ones in Trello.

When you're browsing online on any website, if you have Chrome, you can 'pin' to Pinterest using the 'pin this' buttons hovering over images or use the Pinterest Chrome extension. You can use the extension by both clicking the button or hovering over an image, right-clicking and selecting "Pin it."

Here's the set-up to get maximum organization this holiday season.

In Pinterest

When you're on Amazon, a blog post, or even just within Pinterest, collect all of your gift ideas here.

1. First create a new board, we'll name ours "Gift Ideas." Keep it public, otherwise the automation to Trello you'll see below won't work.

Welcome to your new board!

In Trello

This will be your central hub, where your pins will be sent for you to organize however you want.

1. Create a board also called "Gift Ideas" for sake of consistency.

2. Add a "To Sort" list. This is where all your pins on the "Gift ideas" board will be sent to. Add lists named after the people you want to give gifts to. You can even make a list for yourself called "Wishlist"

3. Create a few labels: Bought, Ideas, Wrapped, Given and any others you think are relevant. This will make it easier to filter through. You can even create what I call "divider" cards that look like "--------text-------" to make an extra level of organization within lists. Some ideas for these divider cards are the holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, or events like Birthdays. You can easily copy these cards among lists.


Here is where the magic happens. Create a recipe so that whenever you pin something to your "Gift Ideas" board it will automatically be sent over to Trello so that you can keep track of your gift ideas.

1. First click "Create a Recipe"

2. For the "This" part, search 'Feed' in the search bar and select "Feed" from the middle. Then select "New Feed Item."

3. In a separate tab go to the Pinterest "Gift Ideas" board you just created and copy the url and paste it into the 'Feed Url' box. Delete the '/' at the end of your url and replace it with '.rss' this creates your feed url. Then click "Create Trigger"

4. For the "That" part, search "Gmail" and select it. Then select "Send an email."

5. Now, in a separate tab, go to your Trello "Gift Ideas" board, go to the menu and copy the email-to-board email address. Paste it into the "To address" box.

6. Keep the Subject as "EntryTitle." For the Body click in the body and to the right of the box you'll see a little erlenmeyer flask, click that and you'll get a pop-up to choose your ingredients. Choose "EntryUrl" (this will take you directly to the pin's url) and "EntryContent" (this is the little description that comes with the pin, it will be sent over to the description part in Trello.

7. In the Attachment URL part, select "EntryImageUrl" (this will attach the image from pinterest over to Trello and you'll have a nice big photo!)

8. Lastly, select "Create Action" and Voila! You are set and ready for pin-trelling your holiday gift ideas. Everything you pin in the "Gift ideas" Pinterest board will automatically be sent over to the "Gift Ideas" Trello board to the "To Sort" list by default. You can change the default list as shown here.

There you have it! Now whenever you go around the internet collecting images of products or crafty ideas for gifting, just pin them over to Pinterest and they will automatically be sent to Trello so you can better organize and keep track of your gift ideas.

This is a neat and fun way to visually organize the gifts you want to get for your loved ones this holiday season. You can also keep track of extra gift notes within the description of the Trello cards, and even include checklists for where you hid it, how much it cost, etc. It's a great way to celebrate the ones you love!

Update: You can also add cards with the name of the product you want, say a "book stand" and then do a quick amazon search (or any store of your choosing) and drag the image from that website over to the tab where Trello is open and drag it to the card and then copy the link to the product and paste it in the description in the Trello card. The possibilities for collecting gift ideas in Trello is limitless!

Let me know if you found this tutorial useful in the comments below.

Happy Holidays!