#RockYourHandwriting September


Welcome to another month of the #RockYourHandwriting Challenge!

Kara (Boho Berry), Dee (Decade Thirty), Jessica (Pretty Prints and Paper), and I (Tiny Ray of Sunshine) are excited to share another month of the challenge with you to share some fun prompts to help you improve your everyday handwriting.

Other challenges out there focus on specific types of handwriting with special tools such as calligraphy or brush pens, but there hasn’t been one created where the focus is on improving your own natural handwriting. So we're pretty excited to introduce a challenge designed for you to practice improving your everyday handwriting with the medium of your choice! 

With that said, it's open to interpretation and you can use any writing instrument of your choice. The important thing is that you're practicing every day.

Each individual’s handwriting is wonderfully unique, but we understand the desire to neaten it up. With the various prompts we hope to encourage you to work on your own handwriting to bring it to a level that you are happy with!

We enjoy creating challenges because they allow for a community component and it is a wonderful way to stay accountable and get inspiration. For this specific challenge you might pick up a nuance from someone else’s handwriting and add it to your own. The main purpose of this challenge is to celebrate your handwriting and neaten it up!

#RockYourHandwriting Challenge September 2016

To personalize the challenge a little more and put our own handwriting and creative efforts into the challenge, we contributed part of ourselves into creating the graphic. This month we switched up roles a little bit with me writing the header, Jess writing our names, Dee writing the prompts, and Kara doing the background!

How to Join:

To help your practice efforts, I created a few free printables to help you tidy up your handwriting, which you can check out here.

We hope you’ll join us for the challenge to work on improving your handwriting every day!