October Plan With Me Challenge

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Welcome to another month of the #PlanWithMeChallenge hosted by Jessica (@prettyprintsandpaper) and I.

This challenge is meant to inspire thought around how we plan, not so much what it is we use to plan with or what our planner system looks like. Instead, its focus is to create a conversation around how the planner system of our choice is useful in our lives and how it leads us to a more peaceful state of mind. The reasons for planning and how those reasons are carried out are far more important than what the planner is or what it looks like. Its function and how it relates to our lives is the main focus for the challenge. Often when we're looking for inspiration online on how to develop a system that works for our needs we find too many videos and articles that focus on decorating instead of the actual act of planning and organization.

Our aim is to look past the appearance and go straight into the method.

Here are some of the ones that stood out to me:

Sorry for the delay.. I was kinda having a baby 😉 Day 23&24 #planwithmechallenge what is the biggest barrier for me accomplishing my goals and do I set long term goals? My biggest barrier is remembering what made me want to set that goal in the first place. I like to write things down a lot so I remember and I also make sure I visit these goals daily so I don't get side tracked. Yes I set long term goals, but most of the time I don't succeed because a year goes by and I don't focus like I should. Since I got this bullet journal I think that will change! #plannercommunity #plannersociety #bujo #bulletjournal #bulletjournaling #goalsetting

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#planwithmechallenge - how do I manage multiple projects? One of the joys of my job is getting to do many different things... Which can be dizzying since almost everything is in collaboration. I'm also usually coordinating things for other people, or other projects in personal life. I'm also in my 20s, the season of eternal wedding-ing which involves gifts, events, and travel coordination. This morning my brain was full so I dumped everything onto paper - so this is half of my personal stuff. Still working on my work projects.... Featuring my lovely pilot juice pens! #bulletjournalchallenge

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Day 24: Do you set long-term goals? How? This is from an old Moleskine notebook from 2012. I had bucket list Post-its to write down what I wanted to accomplish before I die. I've since moved that list to a separate notebook, but seeing the list from 2012 makes me feel good that I can already check off some of those items. I think the key to long-term planning is to do regular check-ins and have a list or status tracker that is visible. Otherwise, the list sits somewhere collecting dust until you pull it out again (like I did). #planwithmechallenge #bucketlist #2012wassolongago

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#planwithmechallenge No. 21: How do you deal with procrastination? I write myself a list of all the things that are swimming around in my head. Often I feel that if I'm procrastinating then I am probably feeling overwhelmed. If I do a 'brain dump' then I can slowly work my way through the list. This list is something I did about two days ago, I didn't make this so I had to have done these things by a certain time, so there is no pressure. It's more about feeling productive and getting all the things I am feeling overwhelmed about doing on paper so I can see it all at once and go 'Yeah this is manageable, one thing at a time.'

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#planwithmechallenge Days 12 and 13: Ways you have personalized your system and How has your system evolved? I have not really focused on decorations or even particular layouts. My personalization is my pen to paper content. #Bulletjournaling in and of itself allows a reflection of who I am, what I'm doing, and what I'm trying to accomplish, through #journaling #dailytasks and #goals. So I keep it very simple. As far as evolving, I have not really deviated from the way bullet journaling was first introduced to me. I work off of my #bujo #signifiers and keep it moving. I have experimented but then I just go back to plain and simple. I did add a monthly layout and a weekly school assignment layout (shown in a previous post) because they have proved useful and that's pretty much it. This may change as I am inspired daily. #bulletjournalchallenge #plannercommunity #planneraddicts #plannernerd #handwriting #handwritinggoals #studymotivation #studyspace #nursingstudent #study #bulletjournal

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When am I most productive? When I have a loose, flexible plan to guide me. ✅ I'm learning that rigid plans backfire. If my day is too planned, I totally rebel and actually get little accomplished. Lately I've been starting my weeks with a categorized list of goals and tasks. Each day I can pull from what I feel like doing, rather than reluctantly staring at a bunch of stuff I'm not feeling and then just ignoring it all. Shown here is a weekly pad from Target's One Spot. I covered the dates with washi, and now I have 6 to-do categories for the week. #planwithmechallenge #gettingthingsdone #plannerCommunity #planneraddict #plannergirl #plannergirls #stationeryaddict #stationerylove #stationeryaddicted #stationery #stationary #pens #penlove #officesupplies #planner #organized #onmydesk #gtd #smallbusiness #bosslady #ladyboss #girlboss

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#planwithmechallenge day 13: how has my system evolved over time? Just little changes. I thought I'd see if I like having a space to put events for the week, which I didn't previously want to do. Turns out, I like it both ways! I just like playing and writing in my #BuJo 😆

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#planwithmechallenge 10. Just focussing on one thing at a time and honoring my own feelings and thoughts makes my planning and my actual outcome goes to flow. 14. I learned to embrace the bad side of myself that I don't like so much. Why am I feeling so anxious, why am I so jealous, insecure, why am I so lazy, bad at time management, overwhelmed, all over the place, not graceful, etc? I remind myself that it is all ok to feel that and remind myself to be compassionate towards myself. Whenever the plan doesnt go well is when I am not in touch with the truth, when I reject myself for being whatever different from I expected. I accept myself and be ok with whatever I am feeling, doing. No judging makes my day go so brilliantly productive and beautiful. Journey towards wholeness and receipting the reality. #artoflife #selfacceptance #tarabrach #lovemyself

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#planwithmechallenge #day13 How has your system changed over time. I went from preprinted en prebinded to digital, to a ringband and now to a bullet journal. I have found out that i cant live without a MO2P, that i like the timevieuw that a vertical week gives me and room i have in a bullet journal. But it changes en evolves every day, so who knows how i will aswer this in a week or a month time. You know what i mean?

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#planwithmechallenge 3: How do you set up your planner system? I follow the original #bulletjournal set-up (index, monthly spread, daily logs). I love the simplicity of the system. I like to include little quotes for inspiration here and there. I'm a crazy list maker too, so I love creating new 'collections' in my BuJo!

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#planwithmechallenge Day 3 I set up my planner with a monthly overview and goals first. Then I do weekly spreads so it's easy to see the week at a glance. I have my collections (seen here with a travel packing list) towards the end. I try to keep only one book per year and that works for me!

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#planwithmechallenge Day1: What do I use my planner for? Hi my name is Stephanie. It's back to school including my first year as an overwhelmed #nursingstudent. My #studyspace looks crazy right now but right there in the center is a bit of comfortable order I call my #planner. I use my planner for yearly goals, monthly planning, daily tasks, weekly school assignments, inspiration, dreaming, journaling, ideas, personal wish lists, gift ideas, reference pages, #braindumping, and monthly challenges. I also have a separate Health and Wellness planner that I use. I will share that in the future. #bulletjournalchallenge #bulletjournal #journal # journaling #bujo #plannercommunity #notebook #notebooklove

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Day 3 of #planwithmechallenge how do I set up my planner? I have an erin condren deluxe notebook so the main use is the monthly and the lined paper behind it. The monthly gets stamped with #studiol2e stamps and then the back gets an explanation. I like using my #staedtlerpens because there are so many colors (though I'm partial to the purples and blues) to write with. In June I'm switching to a #molskine so it'll be a little more color coordinated. It's nothing special but its nice to take some time out to write it all down. #planner #planneraddict #plannerlove #plannernerd #plannercommunity #plannergirl #erincondren

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Day one, jumping in a day late. I am a stationery designer with two busy middle schoolers. I always thought I'd have more time when they got older. Where is that time? Anyway, I use my planner to keep track of their schedules, manage my own time, meal plan, keep a food/fitness journal and keep track of my the open orders in my Etsy stationery shop. I design and print my own inserts, which go into a Russel and Hazel Mini Binder. #planwithmechallenge

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Day 1 #planwithmechallenge I'm fairly new to bullet journaling (a couple months maybe?) but I'm so hooked. I use my planner for keeping track of my weekly appointments and to dos and I also put all of my "collections" here like books to read, wish lists, etc. This is my weekly spread taking form. It will be more crowded by the end of the week!

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{Day 2} #planwithmechallenge {When is a Bujo not a Bujo} @tinyrayofsunshine - you opened a can of worms for me yesterday. Good worms, but the type that make your garden florish with thoughts, doubts and little sleep 😉 See the fieldnote size Moleskine? On the bottom? I used to bullet journal in this at the end of last year. Happily, mind you, after seeing RC's Bujo video. But, now there is so much information I want to hold in it. Information, that may not necessarily need bullets. I love @domestikengineering's system. It's brilliant but I feel as if I am losing my way with the information I'd like to hold in mine (as bullets). Perhaps I have written too much on scrap paper? Perhaps I want my journal way too neat but this is what I'd really love advice about for September's #planwithmechallenge. So, my question is what does your bujo consist mainly of? Bullets? Layouts? Or Collections?

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A lot of wonderful ideas and thoughts were shared at a level depth that makes me smile :) Thank you to everyone who shared their insights, concerns, and advice.

October #PlanWithMeChallenge

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