November Plan With Me Challenge

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It seems as though the #PlanWithMeChallenge has been taken over by Bullet Journal enthusiasts! Though there are many challenges on Instagram catered to specific types of planners, this one is open to any and all planner types. However, since Jessica and I are both Bullet Journal enthusiasts, it makes sense that many who participate are as well. All are welcome though! The point of the challenge is to spark a conversation around how our planners are useful to us and the role they play in our lives. Everyone uses their planning system in specific ways according to their needs and this challenge is a way to guide discussion on how you use your planner, how it functions, and what insight you've gained from using it.

So many of you joined in October and blew us away with your wonderful photos, ideas, and insights! Thank you to all who took the time to share! The discussions are awesome thanks to all your bright minds!

Here are some of the ones that stood out to me:

Playing some more catch up Day 23: Planning helps me stress out less because I use my bullet journal to remember things instead of putting that pressure on my brain. Day 24: My boyfriend is only involved in planning as far as me keeping tasks of dates we need to remember. Day 25: My advice... If you don't know where to start, grab a notebook and give Bullet Journaling a try. It's a simple way to figure out what you need without a huge monetary investment. Day 26: Recently I couldn't resist buying a bound journal I saw in a store, so I decided to do a page per day challenge on a blog I read. It's my combination gratitude/doodling/handwriting practice journal. #planwithmechallenge #bulletjournal #plannerd #planning

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My October layout is heavily inspired by @tinyrayofsunshine! Trying some new things this far I'm loving it! The calendar view is for future planning. The Log is for noting things that happened - I plan to take time each evening to jot things in the Log. Below the calendar are my habit trackers. The #planwithmechallenge, of course, as well as my blogging schedule (I post weekly) ...lastly, my manuscript. Yep, I'm writing a book. I've written about 15K words on my first draft so far - more on that later!

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24: planning with my household. I have 5 kids (2 with my ex-husband, 2 step-daughters from my husband's first marriage, and 1 together). I have joint custody of my older 2, and we have sole custody of his older 2. Each kid has at least one extra-curricular activity (my older daughter has 4). As well I work full time outside the home, and my husband has a job that randomly requires him to travel over night. I use different colours to note each of the family members. This way i can track if I have my kids, if my husband is home/gone. I also keep track of times for activities (otherwise no one knows). 25: advice- do what makes YOUR life better. Although I love the way the washied, embellished, stickered planners LOOK it would be too much, too busy to be practical for ME. So my planner system (BulletJournal) is kinda boring, but it's easy for ME to see what matters. Do not compare to someone else! 26: journaling. Right now I'm not. I want to put that in my Midori so I can keep it together and private. 27: money. Something I need to track better in the coming months. I want to start tracking when I order, what it is, how much and if/when I receive it (so when I do not get it the process of dealing with Visa isn't complicated. #moleskine #plannermom #bujolove #plannernerd #planwithmechallenge

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#planwithmechallenge money and just for fun - y'all have seen my money tracker on the bottom right, I'm waiting for October to be over because it's been ROUGH between being in two weddings and other things. I need to try a no spend... Asap. Just for fun I started using @theresetgirl hexies for my appointments this week. I need to put a limit on meetings per day.

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#planwithmechallenge Day 27: Money Here's a glimpse at one of my mysterious pages in my #BulletJournal that no one ever gets to see. I don't track my daily expenses (I use #ynab for that) but I do keep track of my income. I'm a server, so I keep detailed logs of what I bring home in cash, what my sales were, and my tip percentage for every shift. This is the first time I've thought to take a pic while it's still blank ☺️

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#planwithmechallenge day 25 my advice... Don't hassle the Hoff 😂 #advice #bulletjournallove #bulletjournaljunkies #bujo #bulletjournal

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Days 23 & 25: "planning helps me..." and my advice. This is a quote by one of my favorite authors. The first time I heard it, it rang so true for me. I've always been a lover of organization. Give me labels and let me color code things, and I will be in my best mental state. Planning and organizing help me stay calm and happy. If I know everything has a plan and a place, I can breathe easy. My advice is to find how this works for you. My perfect plan is not necessarily yours. What makes me twitch may be your zen. Find out what your order looks like and make it happen! 😊 #planwithmechallenge #bulletjournal #bujo #plannernerd #happier

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#planwithmechallenge 16/oct. • Prioritizing • When there's too much stuff in my head and things need to be done I usually do a brain dump. Everything goes on the page and I'll prioritize from there. It's not a pretty page but it gets shit done. #moleskine #bulletjournal

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#planwithmechallenge October 13: My essentials: my Peter Pauper Press A5 grid notebook (on recommendation of @gretchenhope via YouTube) this thing has the best paper that I have tried!!! A pencil, a small ruler, and a fine point black pen ( I am loving the Pentel Hybrid Technica that @tinyrayofsunshine has talked about in a couple of posts) and I almost always have my full collection of Pilot Juice pens with me, because I LOVE COLOR! Thanks again @prettyprintsandpaper and @tinyrayofsunshine for these great challenges! #bujo #bujofreedom #bulletjournal

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Day 16 • Prioritizing Here is yet another positive psychology tip that I learned recently in my Science of Happiness course. We can increase our happiness by planning activities that will help us spontaneously be happy. Including these activities in our daily schedule is called prioritizing positivity. Examples are my weekly date night with the hubs, football game night, and playtime with the kids. I started this activity by adding one positive activity into my daily log everyday--right under my "eat frog" task (the worst-slash-most important task of the day). I'll let you know how it goes. #bulletjournal #planwithmechallenge #eatthatfrog #positivepsychology

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OK! Combo post today. I was going to finish up all my #planwithmechallenge posts yesterday, but I got a bit of a shock while I was fixing a lamp I'd bought at a yard sale a few weeks ago. Apparently you shouldn't touch the bare metal thing while it's plugged in. 😅😳⚡️ I was fine, but just a little ... shocked. (Ha! GET IT?!) OK, that's my only pun for the day, I promise. I really was a bit out of it but only because I was freaking out that I'd like die of a heart attack in my sleep or something. But I'm 100 percent fine now. Anyway, back to my post. This is a combo of Day 11 and 12: Multiple projects and experiments. I always have something going on, but the main projects I'm working on are my blog and the book that is stuck in my head. More so my blog, but I really am trying to come up with some great ideas for the novel. I did finally come up with a name for my main male character ... so that's something! It might change, but at least I won't feel stuck when I'm writing about Gracie and she's talking to BOY. I also have my @GoodReads reading challenge of finishing 26 books by the end of the year to continue. I'm 22 books in, so I think it's going pretty well! As for my experiments, I'm always trying new ways to #BulletJournal here and there. Last week I tried a grid-type tracker, which was successful in that I filled it out when I could. I didn't hit all of my goals, though. But I've kind of merged that idea with the tracker @boho_berry uses. So we'll see how that goes! Anyway, hope y'all had a great Monday. I'm back on track now. YAY! #bulletjournal #bulletjournaling #creativity #journaling #planners #artsandcrafts #scrapbooking

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#planwithmechallenge No. 19/Oct: handwriting: this is my current menu plan in my relaxed handwriting. I love graph paper so much.

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Day 8: health and wellness. My favorite page! The C and S columns on the left are to track days I made my calorie and step goals. I almost didn't make my steps yesterday, so hubs and I ran in place until our Fitbits buzzed. Couldn't mess up that pretty chain! I'm nearing the end of a yoga challenge, and I've been tracking what day I'm on in the far right column. I wrapped washi around the bottom edge so I can find my page quickly, plus it draws my eye to my motivational quote for the month. 😉 #planwithmechallenge #bulletjournal #bujo #plannernerd #getfit #30daysofyoga

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#planwithmechallenge Day 3: Help! How do I...this prompt is one that I struggled with last month in terms of understanding the different brands of planners. I have no struggles as of fact, I think I'm experiencing some #plannerpeace ! Day 4: I love my system because like most of us have been saying, it is so versatile towards my needs. In particular, I am able to document my life, goals, dreams, ideas, quotes, and projects in addition to daily tasks. And it's so dang FUN!! #bulletjournal #bulletjournalchallenge #journaling #journal #planneraddicts #plannernerd #plannerlove #plan #planner #studymotivation #nursingstudent #studyhard #study

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Day 7 : Habit Tracking The above pictures show the monthly and weekly tracking. Weekly one is being used after a long time. #PlanWithMeChallenge #bulletjournal #habittracking #planning #trackers

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Wow I'm falling behind! Day 5 of the #planwithmechallenge - my planning routine. This is just a general guide. #wanderandsoul #planneraddict #bulletjournal #filofax #maldenochre #filofaxmalden #gridpaper #pigmamicron #planningroutine #routine

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Day 5 my planning routine - most days I sit down and plan my next day, sometimes the next 2 days. Any further ahead and it goes on the monthly page. If I miss a day it's not the end of the world. I also like being able to review my goals, task list and habits. #bulletjournal #bulletjournaladdicts #moleskine #planwithmechallenge

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Day 6: Fave planning tip. Try planning layouts in a separate notebook. It minimizes the stress of messing up and allows you to see what you want to improve before formally putting it to paper. I've also photocopied a blank page from a notebook and practiced layouts on it. That way, you get practice on an identical page of your notebook. I used these practice pages to draw my bill tracking layout. #planwithmechallenge

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#planwithmechallenge Day 6 - planner tip: use those extra pages. I get so much value from the monthly assessment in my Get to Work Book. #gettoworkbook

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Day 5: my planning routine. As I get my work schedule and make appointments I enter it into the calendar on my computer/iPhone. At the end of the week I find a moment where I can review my calendar update my week view in my Filofax and write out the tasks that need to be done for the week. Before bed and again in the morning I plan out my day. Then I rush out the door! #planwithmechallenge #Filofax #filofaxburntorange #bulletjournal #leuchtturm1917 #plannergirl #plannernerd #filofaxoriginal #plannercommunity

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day 5-I've have two #bujo right now. I found out my weekly setup works great for bigger things but not so hot on being easily transported in my purse so I now have my weekly and a daily planning system. This way I take the little notebook with me on errands and the biggest one stays at home unless I need one of my permanent collections for passwords or such. Sunday is my day to plan for the next week and I wake-up a half hour before I have to wake-up the tween boys for the day. It's a half hour of peace and planning 😊 #planwithmechallenge #october #myplanningroutine #planneraddict #planner #plannergirl #organization #plannernerd #paperlove #graph #paperjunkie #nerdy #planning

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Day 5. My Planner Routine. My "check list" to make sure my tired brain doesn't miss things. As I see ideas that may improve my system, I scribble them in. #planwithmechallenge

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Day 6 of the #planwithmechallenge: I think my fave planning tip is to dedicate a page or spread to a big project. Here's an exam paper I had to write on 1 Tim last year. I split the project into parts and subparts - it's much more manageable that way imho. #planner #bulletjournal #plannerlove #planneraddict #moleskineplanner #plannergirl #plannercommunity #plannernerd #moleskine #bulletjournallove

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05 #PlanWithMeChallenge every day before I sign out I check my master task list, compare my task lists against my outlook calendar, and do the migration. I usually also prepare my task lists 1-2 days in advance. #plannernerd #plannerpeace #planneraddict #moleskine #mymoleskine #bulletjournal #bulletjournaling #bulletjournalmalaysia #journaladdict #bujo

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#planwithmechallenge day 5 : my planning routine

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Day 5 #inktober #planwithmechallenge: My planning routine. Repeat over and over for about an hour. Include "squirrel!!" moments every time I hear baby make a sound. (Couldn't help myself:

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Day 5 of the #planwithmechallenge. My #bulletjournal is designed to keep me on track with the many roles I'm balancing. Mom, day job writing, fiction writing, being a person. Each night, I look at the next day's assigned tasks and check in with my spouse about how busy I'll be so that we are on the same page about housework and child care. During each day I check off tasks as I complete them and update upcoming days as I very jobs and tasks assigned. One thing that's worth mentioning is how much my bullet journal helps me in staying on top of #depression and #anxiety. When I can write down everything that needs doing, I don't stay up worrying I'll forget something. When I have tangible proof of what I did today, I don't beat myself up that I'm useless and should just give up. I haven't had a major crash since I started using my daily #planner,and the minor ones have been easier to get through.

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The #focus of my #bujo planning routine is to answer these questions: How was today a successful day? How can tomorrow be a successful day? To that end, last night I reviewed yesterday's daily page and smiled at the Xs and notes that summarized a good day. I chose one high point to note in my October Log, and jotted a few more in my #gratitudejournal collection. Then I focused on today. My monthly overview tells me that today is the eight day of #Sukkot, so I noted that on my daily page. I also added a task specific to today's #planwithmechallenge. Then, referring to my monthly and weekly task lists, I settled on a few more key tasks that, if completed, would help me feel like today was a success. I tend to finish out my evening by writing in my "normal" journal...whatever rambling thoughts I want to get out of my head so that I can sleep peacefully. #bulletjournalchallenge

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#planwithmechallenge Day 5: My planning routine. I use my #erincondrenlifeplanner for the monthly and weekly view and then my #bulletjournal to capture all the daily tasks, lists, collections and notes! Everything gets captured into the monthly then each Sunday night I plan out the week and then each night plan out the following day into my #bujo Easy Peasy! 👍🏻 Also, I love the idea from @tinyrayofsunshine To split the index section in half down the middle and use one side for dailies and the other side for everything else! #hobonichicousincover #staedtlerpens #leuchtturm1917

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Day 05 | My Planning Routine #planwithmechallenge Long term planning: I keep a timeline of the tasks I need to complete for my 101 goals in 1001 days project in order to be on track for completion. Monthly: I take the tasks for the month, along with events, appointments, and reading goals and put together a color coded daily view in Word. Weekly: I plot out my goals and appointments into my #bulletjournal, along with headers, on whatever days I feel like drawing. Daily: I start the day by peeking at IG for inspiration and motivation, then create the rest of my to do list, and star the top 3-5 tasks that need to get done that day. I use the left side for daily themes, along with my reading/watching/listening/playing log, and note other things I got done below my to do list. At the end of the day, or the next morning, I add a "day in 6 words" summary, and what I will remember about the day. Right now I'm not using a weekly view, but that might change again soon.

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Day 5 #planwithmechallenge - my planning routine!  I put all my appointments and future planning in google calendar.  Each week I make a personal and business task list and add items to it from google calendar.  I also use a M-F spread and plan my top 3 priorities in different areas of my life.  In addition to those top priorities, I write down new tasks that come up, thoughts, feelings, new ideas, gratitude, and what went well on my daily pages in my #bulletjournal.  I use a #happyplanner for my blog editorial calendar, and a #travelersnotebook #cakedori from @gretchenhope for my personal scripture study and project brainstorming. #fauxdori #plannergirl #plannercommunity #plannerlove #planneraddict

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#planwithmechallenge <Day 5> "My planning routine" My kids both like to chill in the morning, like their parents, so once everyone is settled in to watch a show (mostly it's Daniel Tigers Neighborhood) I sit down with my coffee and #bulletjournal, binders, notes, pretty pens and my bible. Sometimes I am joined and we eat breakfast and talk about what I read or about the day, sometimes it's just a drive by kiss on the forehead, or help peeling a banana. I check out our day and get a plan, add notes, etc. I take about 20-30 minutes in the morning and it's wonderful! #planning #planneraddict #pens #bible #coffee #journaling

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#planwithmechallenge October Day 4 - I love the #bulletjournal approach because of its flexibility. At heart the 'rules' are a mindset & that makes them endlessly modifiable & means the journal works the way I think (and doesn't force me to think the way the software needs). For instance, I plan by week instead of month. This ensures the tasks I put down are granular enough to be actionable, rather than one-line summaries of a project or goal which is what happens when I try to plan by month. It also means if I stuff up on my habits or fail to complete a task/meet a goal, I get a fresh start all but straight away, rather than having undoable things haunt & nag me for up to four weeks. This is a blank of my weekly plan: I have a small space for each day (events/appointments go here), and under that two columns for the week's tasks. The last quarter of the second column is labelled "Upcoming" for big-ticket things looming in the next month or so. Goals go in the last box of the calendar (where the birdcages are - goals are short! And less space means I'm less likely to overcommit myself), and between the calendar and the columns I'll pen in a quote or the like. On the second page I track habits and have two columns: one for "next week & beyond" to record emergent tasks that I'm not even going to start yet, and one for reflecting on what I did/didn't achieve this week and why. At present it has headings of 'happiness', 'wins', 'learnings', and 'progress towards goals' / although that may change next week!

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I love that the #bulletjournal system is simple, but flexible enough to include all my unique needs - especially when I take advantage of the concept of collections. Pictured is my "Rock Island" collection with a copy of the lace chart and other notes I've needed to keep track of while #knitting a shawl of that name designed by @jared_flood #planwithmechallenge #bulletjournalchallenge

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Day 4: #planwithmechallenge I love my system because I can make it exactly how I need it. The experimenting never stops, and that's the fun of it! & this is my #paper💛octoberplannerchallenge Sunday Spread!

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November 2015 #PlanWithMeChallenge 

BAM. @tinyrayofsunshine Kim and I are at it again. Link is in the bio 👆 Join us for the 4th #planwithmechallenge to reflect, experiment, share your planning system with others looking to share or refine theirs. 1. Follow along with me @prettyprintsandpaper and Kim @tinyrayofsunshine if you'd like 2. Repost the challenge to spread the word to other pals 3. Share your photo response to each day's prompt and elaborate more if you can, adding #planwithmechallenge (and other relevant hashtag) to your post 4. Check out the hashtag and engage with others in the #plannercommunity - ask questions, encourage, connect That's it! Can't wait to get started. 😎 #planwithme #plannerlove #plannernerd #plannercommunity #planner #planning #midoritravelersnotebook #mtn #foxydori #fauxdori #plannergirl #bulletjournal #bujo #instagramchallenge #novemberplannerchallenge #plannerchallenge #kikkik #eclp #erincondren #inkwellpress #filofax #thehappyplanner #happyplanner #planneraddict

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To join the challenge:

1. Create an Instagram account if you don't already have one

2. Follow Jessica 


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if you'd like

3. Post a photo daily related to the prompt with a description and tag it with #planwithmechallenge

4. Look around the


hashtag to see others' ideas and join in a discussion :)

UPDATE: The lovely Kara from


digitized this image of the challenge, which you can download



I've spent the morning getting totally pumped up for November's #planwithmechallenge ☺️ #Repost from @prettyprintsandpaper... BAM. @tinyrayofsunshine Kim and I are at it again. Join us for the 4th #planwithmechallenge to reflect, experiment, share your planning system with others looking to share or refine theirs. 1. Follow along with me @prettyprintsandpaper and Kim @tinyrayofsunshine if you'd like 2. Repost the challenge to spread the word to other pals 3. Share your photo response to each day's prompt and elaborate more if you can, adding #planwithmechallenge (and other relevant hashtag) to your post 4. Check out the hashtag and engage with others in the #plannercommunity - ask questions, encourage, connect That's it! Can't wait to get started. 😎 #planwithme #plannerlove #plannernerd #plannercommunity #planner #planning #midoritravelersnotebook #mtn #foxydori #fauxdori #plannergirl #bulletjournal #bujo #instagramchallenge #novemberplannerchallenge #plannerchallenge #kikkik #eclp #erincondren #inkwellpress #filofax #thehappyplanner #happyplanner #planneraddict

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Hope to see you there, have fun!