#PlanWithMeChallenge July

Welcome to this month's challenge everyone!

Jessica (Pretty Prints and Paper), Kara (Boho Berry), and I are excited to bring you another #PlanWithMeChallenge! We hope you love it as much as we enjoy putting it together for you every month!

If you're new to the challenge or planning, welcome! The challenge is open to everyone, no matter what kind of planner you use. 

The aim of the challenge is to encourage a conversation around why & how you plan, and to explore the thoughts and motivations behind it, regardless of what it looks like. 

The focus of the challenge is on the techniques in order to share and gain new ideas on how we can all improve our systems. There's no better way to do that than by experimenting and sharing ideas with a wonderful community such as the planner community!

#PlanWithMeChallenge July

Make sure to head over to Kara's blog to grab the beautiful printable to stash in your planner to refer to throughout the month. Or write out the prompts, up to you :)

How to Join:

We hope you'll join us to reflect more on your system, pick up ideas, and socialize with other planner addicts :)