#PlanWithMeAugust Challenge

Hey everyone!

I'm excited to bring you a new Instagram photo challenge that I collaborated on with my friend Jessica (@PrettyPrintsandPaper). Jessica is a passionate student-driven leadership educator, calligraphy enthusiast, and planner. She wants to help bring insight into the questions she's noticed in different planner groups such as, "How do we actually use our planners?" and "Where do we begin?" We notice that there's a desire among the planner community to learn more about the techniques that go into planning for different types of planners. She believes that we are stronger together as a community than we are by ourselves - isn't she just lovely? Though we are both Bullet Journalists, this challenge is open to any and all planning types, not just the Bullet Journal. The emphasis is on how you plan. Sound fun and intriguing? I feel so honored to work with her to bring you a fun new photo challenge to help you figure out your planning needs.

Here's the printable (it should download automatically). There's a little introduction to the challenge included to make printing easier.

How to join the challenge:

1. Head over to Instagram and sign up if you haven't already. Follow Jessica @PrettyPrintsandPaper and me, Kim  @TinyRayofSunshine.

2. Every day in August:

- take a photo that corresponds to the day's prompt

- write about it and

- tag it with the hashtag #planwithmeaugust. Adding the hashtag will ensure that your photo is added to the pool of photos with that hashtag.

-For example, "Day 1: How do I figure out my planner needs? There are a lot of different parts of my life that I keep track of and I need a planner that can keep up with all of those needs. I need to keep track of home life, blogging, etc. Here is how I figure out my needs...(explain here) #planwithmeaugust"

That's it! Click or search the hashtag #planwithmeaugust on Instagram to see the insights and ideas others come up with. Who knows? Your idea could be the one someone's been looking for to complete their system. Conversely, you might find an idea that is exactly what you've been looking for! Join in anytime, visit whenever you can, and engage with others. The thing about social media is that it's social. The planner community is full of lovely and kind people with tons of great ideas, insight, and encouragement.

Remember, this is an excellent opportunity think deeply about your current system, simplify and go back to basics. :)

Download the printable here, follow Jessica and I, and join us in August for #planwithmeaugust fun!

Please share, pin or tweet this challenge so that others can join in on the fun :)


Kim and Jessica

P.S. Make sure to check out Jessica's blog where she'll share more about her planning system and tips!