#BulletJournalChallenge May

Hello and welcome to a fresh new #BulletJournalChallenge! 

Every month I host this challenge over on the beautiful Bullet Journal site as a way to help you think about your Bullet Journal in a deeper way with some guided prompts. In the comments and around social media conversation ensues and images are shared and it's wonderful to see what everyone gets out of the challenge. 

I have a lot of fun creating these challenges every month according to what I notice Bullet Journalists are into and what the rhythm of the community is. I hope you join in the conversation and check out what others are saying to get more out of your Bullet Journal experience :)

Since the official Bullet Journal notebooks are currently sold out, this is the only way to get your hands on one for the time being. 

How the challenge works:

There are 3-4 prompts every month and you answer them in the comment of the article over on the Bullet Journal site and you can share on social media as well :) Go check out the full instructions over there. 

Here's an example of how you can join the challenge: