April Bullet Journal Challenge


Last month's first ever Bullet Journal Challenge went so successfully on Instagram that many of you didn't want the fun to stop and asked for another, so I have created another one for April, hooray!

There were requests to make it include more inspiring photos of collections and to include ideas for habit trackers. There was also a desire to have it include more suggestions and inspiration for creating pages since it seemed more like show and tell. There were also some suggestions (special thank you to Katie and Leah for the ideas) that I took into account when creating this one! :)

Here it is!

Here is the printable version. I just scanned in the page I created. I thought it would be special to give you a printable that I hand-wrote myself as it's a bit more personal that way and goes along with the theme behind the Bullet Journal -- which is the art of handwriting on paper :) Print it out at 65% to fit it in your journal.

Click here to download the printable

If you would rather have a typed printable that is easier to read, here are a couple! Print them out at 85% to fit your journal :)


Use the hashtag #BulletJournalChallenge and tag me @Tinyrayofsunshine if you wish.

Here is the post on Instagram.

I added some examples to get the juices flowing when adding photos and to inspire the creation of new pages.

As always, feel free to jump in whenever and skip around. The challenge is to do it everyday but it's meant to be fun, if you can't do it everyday, that's completely fine. Just pick it back up whenever :) It'll be fun! I'm excited to see what your beautiful photos.

There will also be a giveaway near the end of April where I will randomly choose one of the images entered. It's a special thank you for taking part and for being so awesome and inspiring with your images!

Let me know if you have any questions, comments or concerns!

Supplies used:

Lined Rhodia Pad


Disclaimer: I use a share link from Orangedox (which is linked to the file in my Dropbox) in order to see how many times the printable is being downloaded. That's all the information it gives me, nothing else. It just tracks download clicks. I'm just someone who is curious about these things. Seeing the numbers is encouraging and makes me feel like you guys appreciate me making printables!