Whether you want to improve your everyday handwriting, your calligraphy, your brush lettering, your creative lettering, watercolor lettering - anything and everything is welcome! We provide the prompts, you choose the medium!

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The #RockYourHandwriting Story

After noticing that our lovely community was aching for a handwriting challenge focused on improving their handwriting, I brought up the idea with Jess and Kara as we were already collaborating for the #PlanWithMeChallenge. Considering that Kara at the time was all about improving her handwriting, Jess was always improving her brush lettering, and I enjoy improving my everyday handwriting and calligraphy - I thought it would be great for us to create this challenge for our community. I thought Dee would be the perfect co-host because her handwriting is out of this world - everyone always thinks her handwriting is a font - so of course I figured she would have a tremendous amount of value to share with us about how to improve your handwriting. What better way to create this challenge than by lending our own handwriting to create the graphics each month? The four of us alternated writing the header, prompts, names, and creating the backgrounds from Feb 2016 - Aug 2017. We've since passed on the challenge to our lovely community of handwriting enthusiasts to continue the legacy and share their own creative prompts for you to practice your handwriting :) 

To find the most recent challenge, head over to the Rock Your Handwriting Instagram.

How to Join:


1 | Practice improving your handwriting according to the day's prompt. Prompts are open to interpretation!

2 | Snap a photo, write a description, and then on:

Instagram: add #RockYourHandwriting to the caption.

Facebook: Upload to the group.

3 | Cheer each other on!

Don't worry too much if you miss a day here and there - jump back in when you can or when the prompt inspires you! 



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