Open to all planner types and is a great opportunity to reevaluate your system to see how it's working for you and to pick up new ideas along the way. The participants are wonderful and supportive and every month we are blown away by your insight, growth, and ideas.

Join us over on Instagram and the Facebook for the fun!

The #PlanWithMeChallenge Story

I had created the #BulletJournalChallenge with an emphasis on reflecting in 2015 and Jessica loved it so much, month after month, that one day she brought up that she'd love to create a challenge that was along the same idea, but for all kinds of planners. I loved the idea, her thoughtfulness, and her enthusiasm - so I offered to co-host it with her if she wanted to make it a reality. With our combined effort, we created a challenge full of thought-provoking prompts for the planner community as a whole beginning in Aug 2015. There was a recurring participant of the challenge, Kara, that I thought would make a good addition, so we talked it over and invited her along to co-host with us. From there, the 3 of us co-hosted the challenge from Dec 2015 - Aug 2017. We've since passed the challenge onto our lovely planning community to continue the legacy of creating thoughtful prompts for the community.

To find the latest challenge, head over the Plan With Me Challenge Instagram

How to Join:

1 | Read over the day's prompt. Select something from your planner to photograph and talk about. Prompts are open to interpretation!

2 | Snap a photo, write a description, and then on:

Instagram: add your thoughts in the caption add include #PlanWithMeChallenge to add it to the growing pool of ideas.

Facebook: Upload to the group under that day's photo.

3 | Talk with each other and make some planner friends! :)

Don't worry too much if you miss a day here and there - jump back in when you can or when the prompt inspires you! 


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