Sporadic links #4

Hello friends!

Thought I'd switch it up a bit with these links and toss in a quote I like with a photo I took as the background. This will help share a bit of my photography and you'll get to enjoy a thoughtful quote!

If you're new here, I usually post these once a month with links from around the web. These include links I enjoyed in the fun, productivity, and Bullet Journal categories.

This is a plant from the backyard :)


  • A teenager’s thoughts on social media.
  • These are some awesome and creative doodles.
  • A fantastic article on politeness.
  • A website that helps you create custom box sizes, great for wrapping presents.
  • Instagram husband is hilarious, "we used to eat our food...now we just take pictures of it."
  • Alton Brown's review of kitchen gadgets had me in stitches, though I gotta say that edge brownie pan seems awesome.
  • Awesome free desk calendar from my friend Michelle over at Elegance and Enchantment :)
  • This video is amazing. I want to build my own computer someday. My favorite part is around the 2:49 minute mark.
  • Mixiw is a new Kickstarter that is reminiscient of Traveler's notebooks (these consist of a notebook cover that can house multiple thin notebooks inside) that looks like a hardcover notebook with a clever system to house notebooks. Might be something handy if you're looking into a multiple notebook system.
  • This SNL skit is hilarious, especially because all of the actors broke character.
  • So many beautiful journal pages ! <3


  • A great article on focusing on doing. It has great points on how you don't need to plan every little thing.
  • One of my favorite time management articles
  • My friend Elena wrote a wonderful article on planner anxiety vs inspiration.
  • Thomas from College Info Geek is such a brilliant guy, this video he made as a collaboration with another YouTuber about note-taking and study tips is fantastic and chockfull of tips. Note-taking is something that can always be improved on, whether you are studying or not.

Bullet Journal

Lots of fresh Bullet Journal content out there lately! Here are some from across the web:

Phew! I'm sure I missed a few articles that were shared here and there around the web about the Bullet Journal, but I'll try my best to round-up as many as I can find once or twice a month :) 

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