Sporadic links #3

Hi everyone,

Here are some fun links for your enjoyment :)

These range from silly to productivity to Bullet Journal articles.Yep, pretty much mirrors my interests exactly :)


- A fun idea on what to do in case you're afraid of losing your camera so that you have a higher chance of it being returned to you.

- A unique take on zombies!


- Great tips to save time and money at the grocery store.

- I love all of these productivity tips from none other than Tim Ferriss himself.

- This is a great article on the 7 rules of personal productivity.

- Love how this article takes a different approach, instead of giving you specific things to do, it mentions the one you should create for yourself. It makes a ton of sense and I highly recommend it! :) If you don't read any article, this is the one to read!

- An article on why you should always carry a notebook.

Bullet Journal 

- I'm almost completely certain you've seen my good friend Kara's Top 12 Bullet Journal Hacks, but in case you haven't, I highly recommend checking it out!

- My good friend Dee posted this pretty nifty overview on how she's using a discbound system to Bullet Journal in.

- My lovely pal Kacheri is a relatively new Bullet Journal blogger who has some pretty dreamy quality photos of her Bullet Journal. Here's one of her articles of her Bullet Journal goals. This is a pretty good thing to think about: what do you want your Bullet Journal to do for you?

- Jan is a new planner blogger, her first article is on how she uses the Bullet Journal system in her Hobonichi.

- One of the things I enjoy the most about other people's Bullet Journals is their handwriting. Michelle has a pretty awesome style :)

- This is one of my favorite series of Bullet Journal photos out there. There's just something so angelic about her style that I adore.

- This is an awesome forward planning solution in the Bullet Journal.

- Here's another awesome forward planning solution for the Bullet Journal from the lovely Lisa.

Excited for December? What are you going to do differently?

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