Sporadic links #2

Hello and happy October!

Even though it's nearly November, there's still a good amount of time to wrap up the month. The last ten months of the year have flown by so fast! I'm already thinking about how I'll set up my Bullet Journal for the new month. I went without using my Bujo for the first few days of the month because I didn't set it up until the first few days had passed. It happens. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. 

That's what's great about it - you can get to it on the days that you need to. I love having the freedom to use it whenever and not have any wasted pages. Someone said it best in that it's always on standby mode ready to be picked back up from where you left off :)

- Speaking of my Bullet Journal, here's a show & tell of my Bullet Journal over at the Bulletjournalist blog :)

- For last month's #BulletJournalChallenge, we worked on handwriting. If you're still working on improving yours, here's an article with advice on improving your handwriting.

- A great little hack to overcome procrastination. This won't work for those who don't think rewards help them. But it's a great exercise in self-control.

- Reasons why Erica of Girl Organized doesn't decorate her planner. This is a great article, too often we'll see decorated planners and I think one of the main reasons why we like the Bullet Journal is because of its minimalism. Anyways, it's great reading articles that can share this feeling of not decorating for those who sometimes feel the pressure or feel bad about their not "doing more" in their planners. The beauty of the Bullet Journal is that you can make it look exactly how you want it to in order to suit your needs and desires.

- An interesting take on why writing things down doesn't help you get those things done and what to do about it. I can see where he's coming from. Sometimes when I write things down, the pressure kind of releases from my mind and gives me a false sense of accomplishment as though by writing things down I've done some of the work already. I do think, however, that writing things down helps us to remember the tasks, so even if we don't manage to get to all or any of the tasks today, over time we'll eventually get them done - at least, that's been my experience. I think he's speaking more to those who feel stuck on where to start and provides some good tips on simple actions to take in order to move past it.

- This awesome satirical IG account poking fun at the styled photos on Instagram and the descriptions that follow. It's brilliant. It's a good reminder to not take ourselves too seriously - and that sometimes the photos that we see out there can get out of hand and distort reality.

- Are you aware of The Oatmeal? Absolutely one of my favorite finds online of all time. Matthew Inman is a genius. :) Here's one of his series that I find hilarious and awesome because of how on point it is, like much of his work.

PostSecret is a wonderful idea where people mail in their secrets, a few of which are showcased on their blog every Sunday. It's awesome because a lot of the time we probably feel like there aren't others like us, and it feels difficult to cope, but then along comes this website which shares a lot of how other people feel inside. It's a fantastic project.

- "This is how I feel" is one of my favorite ongoing weekly series of all time. Every Friday or so, Roo of Semiproper shares a few GIFs with silly captions. Here's one of my favorite articles from the series. I love it, it's one of the joys of life and a hilarious way to end off the week. :)

- And to end off with a productivity article on a few questions to ask yourself to prepare for the week by Craig of Time Management Ninja  :)

Lately I've been enjoying staying offline and reading books. There's nothing quiet like leafing through pages and devouring every bit of well-crafted imagery. In particular that from Ray Bradbury. The Veldt from The Illustrated Man {affiliate link} is a chilling short story that blends elements of futuristic machinery with the chilling unknown. It's now one of my favorites, can't wait to read more. Do you like spookier tales? I think it's part of our curious nature as humans to notice and want to learn more about the strange and mysterious. I remember as a kid, I loved reading the Scary stories to tell in the dark series - the visuals were especially haunting. I love reading dystopias and texts that make me look at things differently. The art of story-telling is one life's definite joys.

Do you have any exciting plans for the last quarter of the year?

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