Sporadic links #1

Hey there,

A little while ago I had a weekly round-up series that I cancelled. Several of you mentioned how much you enjoyed the links I shared and asked me to consider sharing links from time to time. Very well, I'll be glad to do that. :)

Here are some that called to me:

Chilling artwork that accurately reflects everyday truths.

- This article pretty much hits the nail on head on how I feel about my own posting habits. I love Tim Urban's way of writing and reflecting on life. The comments gave me some comfort, I try to think that it's okay for my not being able to post in a timely fashion as long I'm still posting interesting and quality articles. You’ll know through the wonders of email, rss, or Bloglovin’ when I have new articles out. Or you can just check out the blog from time to time and catch up in the new archive (which was inspired by the Zen Habits archive).

- Another wonderful article from Tim Urban about Why Procrastinators Procrastinate. He is such a gem to the internet. I was introduced to him through this exact article from a pen-pal friend of mine. Thank you again, A, for introducing me to the genius of Tim Urban's mind!

- What's funny is that I don't consider myself a procrastinator, just someone who feels pulled in so many directions sometimes it's hard to figure out the next step. I'm a huge over-thinker and sometimes sit of articles for ages (like this one) because of some nagging tidbit or another. I'm trying to not think so much and do more. Anyways, here's Tim Urban's solution to procrastinating. Entering the critical entrance is no easy feat, but I’ve been loving the, “pick one thing and do that” mantra I’ve been living lately. Easier said than done, but hey, I keep on keepin’ on :)

- And since we mentioned email earlier, here's a hilarious article on the awkwardness of email conversation, oh yes.

- A word that continues to resonate in my mind is the word, “simplify.” Every time I’ve been struggling this year, it’s usually because of too much mental clutter (well, paper clutter too, you do not want to see my the inbox on my desk haha…). Slowly over the year I’ve been simplifying my processes, you might recall the article I wrote on how I was down-sizing from 3842343184 notebooks to using the Bullet Journal as my all-in-one pretty much. Yeah, that.

I've also been paring down my online world, who I subscribe to and everything. It’s a breath of fresh air not having to weed through all the posts that don't resonate and enjoy only the few that do strike a chord. As a bonus I’ve been spending less time looking around online and more time working on some of my interests such as leather-working, reading books, and writing for this here blog. :) I also feel happier, so many times I'd feel caught in a rabbit-hole with my thoughts screaming out at me to stop getting caught up on the internet and get to doing. I'm sure I'm not the only one who thought it'd be a good idea to look up tips on how to be more productive instead of actually doing work...right? Ha ha ha.

Anyways, my favorite blogger who boasts simplification at every turn is Leo Babauta of Zen Habits. His articles are usually on point with what I’m dealing with and I love how frank and simple his advice is.

One of his most recent articles was a beautifully written tribute of the death of one of his best friends and fellow blogger, Scott Dinsmore. Scott Dinsmore was an outrageously positive guy who resonated happiness and encouragement. You might know him from his famous TED talk, How to find work you love. Scott’s blog, Live Your Legend, was a place where he shared his insight into living a life you get true enjoyment out of. Scott’s last article was about going off the grid by taking a break from being online to be present with his wife while in the midst of a year-long trip around the world. It seems kind of eerie and telling that that was his last article. It hit a chord with me and made me think about what I’m focusing my time on and where I want to direct my efforts.

Years ago I found Scott's blog during a period in my life where I was trying to figure out what I should focus on and what sort of contribution I want to make in the world. My mission statement in life is this, "I want to help people, in any way that I can to help them reach the point they want to achieve" which when I first stumbled on Scott's blog made me feel right at home, like there was someone else who understood because he was doing just that. His last article made me think about the important things in life and what truly matters and how quickly life can be taken away. It reminded me of Steve Job's commencement speech of thinking that today could be your last day and the question he asked himself each day to help him make the most of his time. The question was, “Am I proud of what I am about to do today?” If the answer was no too many days in a row, then he changed his approach.

These great men make me reflect deeper into what I want my days to look like and how much I want to say and how much more I want to share and give and create. There is still so much I want to write and share. I make myself feel guilty about not posting more and doing more, but I find it silly at the same time, because I do care about all of the articles I want to write and the message I want to share. Something that made me stop feeling bad (feeling bad = unproductive Kim) was taking a look at all of the articles I have written. Sure, I may not be at the point that I wish I were at this point in my blogging adventures, but to be honest this is the first time I’ve kept up with a blog, and I still love it. It’s been a strange and wonderful journey.

Seeing my progress reminds me of this quote:

"Of all the things that can boost emotions, motivation and perceptions during a workday, the single most important is making progress in meaningful work." 

Blogging isn’t fairy tales and whimsy, it’s a lot of different little parts. Sometimes they get to me and the thought of every step makes me sigh, but I am keeping my mind on the bigger picture in hopes that my ideas have helped at least one person :) It means the world to me when I receive such a comment, it really makes all the hours I put in worth it to know that they’re making a difference. I’m sure that’s how Scott felt everyday with a tremendous amount of gratitude to be doing what he loved. He was the best example of the words he shared by living them. I am grateful that his energy and enthusiasm impacted so many lives for the better.

- My friend Kara, from Bohoberry recently shared this apt photo on Instagram about the Four Truths. The one about doing your best hit home for me. It’s true, to know that I’ve done my best for the day absolves me of any internal badgering and guilt I feel. I feel focused and my efforts renewed.

- Speaking of Kara, she recently shared this amazing walk-through her one month update of using her Bullet Journal. It’s a beauty, your eyes are in for a feast!

- I feel very fortunate to be able to live in a world where we can share our thoughts and connect with others around the world with ease. I feel especially grateful that I have lovely readers who visit to read what I’ve written, thank you, I appreciate every one of you! I've met so many wonderful people online, some of which I'm deeply grateful to call friends. One of my lovely readers, Nike, wrote an article of what she’s learned from using the Bullet Journal after being inspired by my article.  :)

- Patty of Homemakers Daily posted an intriguing article on a planner challenge, where we were asked to recommend a planner for her to try out in an effort to prove that she could make any planner work. The results of the challenge are posted here, it was not what she was expecting. That's the great thing about life, sometimes we don't get what we were expecting, but end up growing with something far more meaningful :)

-  Lastly, because I mentioned simplifying, here's a wonderfully succinct article written by Ryder Carroll, creator of the Bullet Journal and New York-based Designer, on What to Keep. I love how he ties in the Konmari idea of "does it spark joy?" for decluttering within the Bullet Journal.

- Oh, one more thing actually, here's a link to get your hands on the official Bullet Journal Leuchtturm1917 notebook :) It's a beauty!

I hope you have a very wonderfully sunny day!

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