Minimalist Bullet Journalists

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I love love love minimal Bullet Journals. 

If I'm being honest, they are my absolute favorite kind of Bullet Journal to see. I enjoy looking at all the different styles of Bullet Journals out there, but the minimalist ones captivate my attention because of how serene they seem. They truly encompass the idea of rapid-logging and getting things done with the least amount of effort. 

I think sometimes newbies can get overwhelmed with the noise and color and embellishments of the Bullet Journals they see when they search any variation of the term "Bullet Journal" online. The worst thing that can happen here is that they get overwhelmed and turn away from the system because they think that's what they should make their Bullet Journal look like and think it's too much upkeep.

This actually breaks my heart because the Bullet Journal can be anything for anyone. The introductory video Ryder Carroll, Inventor of the Bullet Journal, made for it is fantastically simple with a very low barrier of entry. Everyone takes the system and makes it their own with their own flavor and variety, still I think the minimalist ones can sometimes be drowned out in the noise.

So today I want to share with you my favorite minimalist Bullet Journal Instagram accounts to share how this type of Bullet Journal is very much alive to demonstrate both functionality and elegance with minimal effort.

Ryder | Ryder Carroll & Bullet Journal

The Inventor of the Bullet Journal, of course! His minimalism reflects his dedication to the simplest possible system to help you get things done. His level of minimalism takes very little time to set up and get going with. I highly recommend rewatching the video and going over the website regularly. He designed the system to get out of his way so he could spend more time creating, designing, and spending time with the things that matter to him. He invented the most amazing system to let him journal at the speed of life. The framework that makes up the Bullet Journal is elegantly and thoughtfully designed and is worth reviewing constantly to recenter your system.

Dee | Decadethirty

She is about as minimalist as they come. She has so many little hacks and tweaks, her Instagram and blog are definitely worth going over to discover all of the treasures. 

Ursala | Honeyrozes

Arguably one of the most unique styles out there. She perfectly combines minimalism with cleverly simple headers and adds a touch of color to highlight important sections. 

Austin | Minimaljournal

One of the rare male Bullet Journalists on Instagram. Even though his tagline is, "it's about getting crap done, not making your crap look good" his Bullet Journal is majorly beautiful and functional with minimal effort.

Laura | Bujo.auslife

She has plenty of very awesome minimal ideas. I really like how clear and focused her pages are. She's very much committed to the notion of spending less time planning and more getting things done.

Lisa | Plannersimplicity

She constantly tweaks her system to best work for her. She combines elements of GTD into her Bullet Journal and somehow always manages to make it seem so simple and effortless. She's definitely an inventive mind to follow.

Anika | Yesyescoffee

One of the very first minimal Bullet Journals I came across. She was the first person I ever saw who came up with a tv tracker, and her impeccable minimalism is awesome. She deleted her entire feed a while ago, but recently came back and is starting to share more. Go give her some encouragement, she's awesome! 

Cristina | Shilen.qc

She Bullet Journals in a spiral notebook and a Filofax and keeps them very simple with black ink.

Stephanie | Scrubs_n_coffee

She uses a traveller's notebook and has simple, approachable ideas. She fills her pages with her very lovely script, it's kind of like her mind is dancing on the pages. I find her pages very soothing.

Steph | Stphbz

She has a simple approach that seems very natural. It's kind of like seeing her brain on paper if that makes sense.

Erin | Wireandmagic

She keeps it minimal and thoughtful by constantly reflecting and trying out new simple experiments.

Kiel | Leaningintoplanning

Another rare male Bullet Journalist, hooray! It's always exciting to see male Bullet Journalists online. I'm sure there are tons of men who Bullet Journal but to see them active online is rare. 

Sue | Susiebjournal

She has a very unique handwriting style that seems like she quickly jots things down yet somehow her writing is still legible and looks great!

Cat |

If you were to strip away all of the color and lettering Kara uses, you'd end up with minimal version like Cat's Bullet Journal. 

Ros | Bluepapertrail

Very much a fan of weekly spreads and has come up with some very intriguing ideas such as this birthday tracker.

Cory Ann | Coryannellis

Doesn't post very much about her Bullet Journal since it's her personal Instagram, but when she does it's wonderfully minimal and functional.

Elena | Weekendwife

I've seen her experiment over time to adapt elements of the Bullet Journal into a Filofax and keep up with a bare bones version in her work Bullet Journal. She's always very wonderful and thoughtful about her experiments and it's lovely to see what she comes up with and how she makes the system work for her.

Steff | Sosteffso

She uses a pencil in her Bullet Journal, for those of you who love pencils. She has a very simple and efficient approach to Bullet Journal to manage her work and personal life.

Zelda | Thebujo

She doesn't post quite as often anymore, but I've always enjoyed her simple approach with emotive doodles interspersed within her Daily Logs.  She also Bullet Journals in a pocket notebook which is not often seen.

Elena | Mightierthan

A thoughtful law student who uses a Bullet Journal and a weekly Day Designer to keep track of all the important things to her in the way that makes sense with the least amount of set up. 

Dara | Gothamhaus

A refreshing and crisp minimalist with spectacularly simple design elements.

Steph | Eskastationery

Uses a notebook, Hobonichi weeks, and a Filofax to help keep her on track.

Cindy | Classicsidewalk

Has a very lovely simple style and a unique way to track weather.

Kim | Tinyrayofsunshine

That's me! I think I am kind of in between. I usually only put a little extra effort in the headers and then the rest tends to be simple and straight forward. 

Bonus: Minimalist Bullet Journals Facebook Group & Instagram account

These were created as there is an increasing desire to see simpler Bullet Journals :) 

There you have it! As you can see, even the minimal Bullet Journals vary wildly and each have been adapted to fit each person's lifestyle.

For those of you new to the system, I hope this list gives you some inspiration and removes some of that overwhelm that may come with searching around online. If you've stopped using your Bullet Journal, hopefully this gives you a better idea of how simple the system truly is and how you don't need to add very much to it for it be effective in your life.

If you can take away anything from this post, let it be this: the Bullet Journal is simple in nature because it gets out of your way to help you get more done with the least amount of effort. 

If you enjoyed this post, please share it with others so they can see simple approaches to the Bullet Journal. 

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